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Good Morning Dear Friend...yes I do understand what you are saying...people in denial every where :)...but soon the denial will not be able to go on when the Star People show up & walk side by side

with us...But even then there will be many that  go into fear & remain in denial as they just are not ready for such a experience at this time in this life's journey....I think those are the ones that we that know the real truth about our Star Family will need our help in reassuring them that it is ok...But to be honest I am not looking foward to that myself...I don't think anything we would say to them in reassurance or comfort would really help that is very simple...either we are ready to except the facts...or...we are just not to that place in our awakening as yet & that's all a part of this huge eveloutin plan...imho...I'm more than ready for all the new...wish I could find a ladder & just start climbing rapidly out of this 3D  on to the better & brighter worldLaughing.

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