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Dear Gently is UNIQUELY just for YOU :)...when the time is right it will all be very naturally revealed to you...

Pleae forgive me for saying this on this board to you...But...I have no other way to communicate to you...

All morning I have been getting..... to tell you.... to be very careful with the people that live around where you live...( it is not your family members...but the people in the surrounding areas of the State & States you live. They are not awaken folks so many of them & do not understand you, your energy & the things you understand & believe) So...keep your box quiet...don't share with strangers about it. I went on a search yesterday looking to see if I could find info on numerology to help you with your box number of 55.55 & I found your TNT post on the net...below I am posting it so you can see what I am referring to....if there is anyway you can eventually move to a more like minded State/Area...imho it would be much better for you...hope this helps & I send you much love from my are truly a bright light & doing much for the earth, creator & all you come in contact with.Smile


Friend of the Flock when I did a search for the numerology for 55.55 for you, your post from TNT came it is with the search  link I found it at

!!!!WILD!!! DID NOT HEAR OF THIS YET. I wonder what's up with ...;id=22997 - 13 hours ago

My box was 55.55 Does anyone know anything about numerology? The supplier vanished never came back to pick up the money for the boxes...and some ...

Here is where I found below

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