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Megaupload Mega...(Video also more info at source link)

Uploaded by MrKimDotcom on Dec 7, 2011

Read the unbelievable story about this video:
Censored by UMG - Mega suing UMG - Reinstated by Youtube.
Here is the latest story from December 29th:

Enjoy the Mega Song. We wish you all the best for 2012.
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Song produced by Kim Dotcom and Printz Board.
Vocals by Printz Board, Kim Dotcom and Macy Gray.

Thanks to:
P Diddy
Kanye West
Chris Brown
Jamie Foxx
Kim Kardashian
Lil John
The Game
Floyd Mayweather
Serena Williams

You can find the HD 1920x816 version of this video here:

Read more at the source link...

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