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WOW!!!Good Morning Dear Lady Catbird:) When I brought your post up even before reading I was covered in goose bumps & still are. When I started to read my eyes filled with tears...Thank you so very

much for sharing this beautiful personal blessed divine experience. 2 nights ago Jesus came to me in my dreams, this is the fifth time in my life he has come to me in my dreams...everything I was told is unfolding now homeless friend I have been helping knew nothing of my dream experience...this morning he came over to me as I am letting him live in my RV & he said I have a little gift for was a beautiful little statue of JESUSLaughing...I was so honored, grateful & amazed all I could do was cry & hug him with so much thanks & love...I truly know that it is Jesus telling me just like in my dream that he is with me protecting, leading & guiding me through these very tough times I am now going through. Bless you Dear Lady Catbird...I send you MUCH...Thanks and....


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