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Re: Dearest Lady Catbird...I send you much LOVE & Healing energy. If I may...please let me share something with you regarding te pain in your hip.... *PIC*

Thank you so much so so much for your compassion and concern...


 I am beyond any relief I regret to share, My Hip that is bothering me is my left hip, As in 2001 I had the left hip bone core drilled as the right hip was replaced. what happened is from a trama I gained heavy stress phnewmonia. I had only 32 percent of oxygen to my blood at the on set, the only way that the doctors could save my life was heavy IV steroids which were for several weeks then by mouth for a few more. I was a very sick lady to say the least, to the point I could not talk due to the shortage of breath, Well that gave my bones no blood supply, the right owne being the worst colapsed first, as they bone core drilled the left at the same time trying to make the blood vessels mad enough to bleed. I was then in a wheel chair not even aloud to touch my toes to the floor for 6 weeks, The bone core hot poker drill did its job as the doctors stated would last approx. 10 years. Now what happens is the socket of the hip holds the hip which is like a ping pong ball, smooth if healthy, mine has little dents in it where the hip colapses then I pop it and move the ball socket, this has been a very long painful 10 years, as now the ball in the socket is nearly all dented up, which colapses the big femor bone and socket of the hip. I am in emense agony as this moment, I am so stuborn to take the hytrocodone acidimifin what ever, some codine with asprin basically, the situation is beyond releaf though you have my mine off of the pain for a bit. I find my meditations are about the only help now, I do not sleep but 1 hour due to the pressure builds and feels like the bone will break from my weight,


i have gained from 104 lbs to 239 lbs from steroids and meds. this is ok with me, due to my moving every muscle in my body while sitting to music on station 2 of BBSRADIO.COM ;(~_~);

there is no way to explain this precice movement from tiny to large muscle dance from head to toe...


BBSRADIO IS AMAZING with the MUSIC frequency*** IS THAT THE LoveReveloution frequency of one of my most admired Dr Len and Sherrie? ) huum


as excercise, (I was an athlete/ gymnist) (and a dancer,) studing with the rockettes in new yoik by my 3rd year at age 12. choosen of 12 to study with them on a one on one basis for over a week...

 so my muscles are very very taut and strong, I will have Michael come to help me near the surgury, I need tremendous prayers for the up and coming mri to be still. I will more than likely astro project or rather disassociate in order to stand the pressure of laying flat on my back with my feet tied together so the legs will not flop out. I am so forever grateful to God you all are in my life as you are xoxo

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Dear Diary... *LINK* *PIC*
Dearest Lady Catbird...I send you much LOVE & Healing energy. If I may...please let me share something with you regarding te pain in your hip....
Re: Dearest Lady Catbird...I send you much LOVE & Healing energy. If I may...please let me share something with you regarding te pain in your hip.... *PIC*
Catbird there was a post on here on TNT by Drummy way back when I had my dental issues & it helped me was about everything is just an experience. I tried to find it but can't maybe Drummy...
thank you with 13 honeys in the pot!!! *NM*
yes, I read the piece several times, triggering
I believe it was a archive, i am so going to sleep for a bit. *NM*
Yaul, I found this, haven't read it yet, its on experience I believe. *LINK*
Having brain farts, will try to locate.... what was it, a remedy or treatment Cosmo? *NM*
Drummy it was a man talking about ow everything is just an experience & it is by te way you deal with each experience either look at it as just an experience or look at the experience as negative...
Sheesh either we are living only in the moment, or we have been really zapped into forgetfulness. *NM*
I think it's the Zapped thingie...lots of chemtrails down this way lately...I notice my memory gets worse after they appear in the sky. Infact everyone I speak to now a days are talking about how bad
Call in the sylphs! *LINK*
Thank you very much Drummy...Bless you :)
Take My Hand with Moonlight in my skin.... Coming out of the forest.
Starmaker Unraveling the Stars Journaled Diary *NM* *LINK* *PIC*
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