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Re: surprise (really?) while compiling the post I suddenly hoped you will see and read it 'cause you've not shown up for a while ... telepathy? ;)

Hi Jack! Thanks for sending the message!! yeah...probably telepathy! 

I have been busy clearing out stuff from 2011 out of my life this past week to make way for the new energies of 2012 (I want to catch the tail winds that are supposed to help us) !

We had family here for the past couple of weeks plus my uncle died right on Christmas Day. He was a farmer up in Illinois but we were all relieved as he had been very ill since oct and just received a bad prognosis so was already in hospice. He was still farming up to age 85 before going into the hospital. He lived a good long life.

I did promotions for three different brands this past holiday season and by the end of it all my lil o room got buried pretty deep. Plus I got a cold the last week. We had guests so I could not have all of the nescafe espresso coffees and soda mixes in the dining room where I usually kept it all. The christmas tree was in that room. So all the product was blockaded in my bedroom with me and my birds. this week I had to organize and box all remaining inventory finally got all of the various products out of my life and back into my storage unit so they are not overpowering my entire bedroom...bad feng shui!! I can even see my desk now and find my computer!! I literally had tubs of coffee cups and products like five feet tall in my bedroom. The bad news is I had to send my Canon camera back too...Now that was a SAD moment. (They do send us a new camera next season, if the contracts get signed.)

Yes, I have done much experimenting in this area. I really liked your posted info and I could validate it from all of my experiences and training. I think I could write a short novel on the subject.

The most dramatic moment being when Audobon flew down from the roof of my house where he typically liked to perch and landed about two feet ahead of me on a trail all covered with leaves...the leaves were also covering this huge 6 foot rattle snake!! Audobon landed right on the snake. He saved me from blindly stepping on the rattle snake myself. But audobon reacted fast and in horor and flew straight back up into the air like a rocket but the rattlesnake thought he was about to be lunch so fled as fast as he could slither away from both me and audobon (my peacock)

Another excellent resource is Amelia Kinkade. On her website are many TV interviews she has done including one with Barbara Walters! After the first workshop I took from Ameila...when I would walk past some of the barns on the property, the rats (instead of running when they saw a human)....would just stop and stand up on thier hind legs and stare at me as if waiting for my communication....

my parents are both doing well but my dad was sad about losing his only brother who was a couple years older. They are both feeling very well. Thanks for asking!

My sister was here too from CA due to the funeral and has 30 lots here in Arkansas that she bought about 10 years ago. She told me I could use a couple of them for Permaculture experiments....So I am re immersing myself in the info to see what I should do on these lake lots. I am thinking of doing an intrigue campaign and adding subtle things on the properties to get the neighbors to notice. My sister met with a builder who does solar highly energy efficient houses that might team with her. 

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