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Than you Jack, I realize with what "THE KNOWING" shared with me in meditation today, that would of been this solution to the garbled "NEW AGE" it would of had a Principle in form, the spiral would of
In Response To: thaaank youuu ;) *NM* ()

balanced the unity

in such an organized harmony

the variety of "THE NEW MOVEMENT" I started a good while back

would of been a portion of coctions flavor which would of placed porportion of Dominance not only in space to evolve

but this economy


Due to the show times having scattered wave links which I so gracefully allowed into my mind (equalibrium)

the art flow if you will and one calling themselves "THE KNOWING" 

it is quite obvious that the ego is still their master. the human consciounsness

no one could fathum how the actual dots are connected in the creation of all "THE KNOWING" but



I am a Master in which is totally dedicated to allow others to knowingly feed off of my bread of life

only when I am truly respected in my "SACRED SPACE" and one truly knows the dresser which is "THE CREATOR" THE KNOWING" the "BE" all in which is 

the Master weaver which only truly knows the plan.

only then am I to share.

until then

the gun was jumped at this off kill wave frequency 

and the thief came into play


I would feed the universe

with one loaf of bread which is for all to have a feast,

but the thief of the need to find only portions to feed themselves at the "LOOK AT ME" 

has its price

The reason is Thief is one that spiral taps for the purpose of only now not thinking of the "WHOLE" which could 

be the food for life.


Well I go on air in 10 minutes.

and I will not share what I was going to 

I am now told by "THE KNOWING" that this broadcast is not where to build its bridge


my dream the night prior to us seperating

by going into the forest.

our seperate million mile journey_seekers   individual quest



the covanent "THE RAINBOW"

which is now the reason of passions meaning by purpose of "THE KNOWING" s choice

the free will is not free any longer

I gave mine up

and this is all she wrote.





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