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: I have weighed the same amount since I was 13, 150Lb's and stand 5'
: 9", and I live on a mainly meat diet according to my blood type.
: I have always eaten this was and I sure as hell ain't obese. Perhaps
: you meant to say 'processed' meats? I don't eat those unless I know
: the butcher whom made the dry sausages, breakfast sausages etc. I
: know two fat vegetarians! But really, where I live there doesn't seem
: to be any obese people.
: I also don't get sick, unless poisoned by something (like black mold).
: So when you post a load of horse puckey, why should people respond.

: When I have my blood analyzed via dark field microscopy, my blood, at
: 40, is healthier than most people. The live blood analyst exclaims
: the health of my blood and attributes it to my always having eaten
: 'right for my type', O RH -
: . My son on the other hand, type AB Rh -, does not do well on a meat
: based diet so I always offer alternatives to him. He's not obese
: either, in fact he's really fit and doesn't watch TV, which in my
: estimation is the major cause of obesity. Come to think of it, none
: of the kids I know are obese and most of them only watch very, very
: limited TV.

: There, I responded.

The decision to metabolize food is always based on the chemicals present in the individual. The digestive process is peptides to sucrose to fat or heat. The point is that our bodies cannot at the same time expend flesh and vegetation. So, to maximize efficiency - not use 70% of the food value in digestion - of foods eaten.

There was a dispensation on eating flesh from Moses to completed Israeli migration to US West Coast in 1848.

Of course, I could have it all wrong again.

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