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NSA Wiretapping Public Service Announment *LINK*

Coward Mass Murder of Unarmed Palestinian Civilians: Snordster aka Snordelhans exPOSing the pseudo-religious Cult of Molechian Rituals. - Within hours 301+ views :O
yahweh as a Demon Like the Nag Hammida text says, this Is pure Madness Of The Drak god Yahweh,Great Post Jack Thanks Peace To You And All here. *NM*
IDF Israeli "Defense" Forces Sniper Blasts Skull of Palestinian Kid. IDF = Most Morale Army in the World? Since when? Where? *PIC*
Why UNANIMOUS voting in US Senate? Do they ALL have skeletons in their closets? Been marked for blackmail just in case? *NM* *PIC*

Rare Find. Attention. Not for Feeble Sheeple. - The Hasbara Manual - 'Global Language Dictionary'. Put your screen under the table right now. *PIC*
in case the direct download link doesn't work, please open PDF and then save the file and/or report it here to obtain another source *NM*
jack thats what they use Hipnotic Mind Control HMC I PDF in my Files Great Post thnaks brother. :) *NM*

Who Am I? Where Is It? *NM*
Strange. I'm not where I seem to be and it's a very long way. :O *NM*
Though it appears to work well ... at snail's speed :D

What A Way To Go: Life at the end of Empire (full movie) *LINK* *PIC*
I should read your rants more often. That was my kinda ranting! *NM*
Re: I should read your rants more often. That was my kinda ranting! *PIC*
Re: I should read your rants more often. That was my kinda ranting! *PIC*
One Eye Double Ranting? :( How ee loomi naughty is this? :D *NM*

We kill you sweetly, very sweetly! 20,000 times sweeter than sugar...

Reset.Me (former CNN journalist) aims to provide accurate journalism on psychedelics and natural therapies for depression, anxiety, stress, PTSD...
Reluctant to try any of the above, then check out EFT as it is usually quick and effective!
Examples of the power of EFT...check out the stage 4 cancer of the bowel story

Hard times for Israel Lovers & Lickers? Imagine! Protesting Immigrants in Germany chant "Jude, Jude feiges Schwein, komm heraus und kämpf allein!" They did. Kaboom Boom Boomerang Effect from Gaza?
300+ views: Coward POS IDF sniper (Rotten Scum of Kikedom) dastardly killing unarmed Palestinian looking in the rubble for his bombed relatives.
Its pure Madness Jack the truth of how many viewed it is most likely in the millions I MICHAEL Stand with all Spirits Of peace, I AM speechless. *NM*
What the US and NIgeria Share...
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