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How is the US economy doing? Better than you might think! Walter Burien you are a good man!

The Russian economy...

Watch Skype’s translating ability blow young minds! They’ll be growing up in a world in which they can talk to almost everyone.

Matthews latest letter...Traditions of the season; illusion, reality; media; racism, protests in the US; national unrest; karmic choices; release of CIA report; abusive behavior; music...

Superbugs may end up killing more people than cancer.

One man’s opinion on “The Rough Road of Honest Discovery”
excellent musings, very touching, endorsing my casual walk back into my childhood and youth, re-activating my true inner self that had been distorted and buried by education and social adaptions *NM* *PIC*

Here’s The Curious Secret to Perfect Learning While You Are Distracted (…I think it’d be more accurate to say, improved learning!)

"Americans Have Lost VIRTUALLY ALL of Our Constitutional Rights"...agree or disagree...

Benjamin Fulford: First the evil Pope, then the dumb Secretary of Defense, now Netanyahu, next the Bush clan

West coast got the rain it needed!! Stormpocalypse it was not . But here's the story from a northern ca newspaper

I don't think Iran is in there with them... (at least not all the way)
Well said!! I now concur!!! Thank you. *NM*
Ahmadinejad has jewish origins, met with Chabadniks in New York, Teheran a community of 16,000 jews, Persian native people suppressed by islamic invaders ... what does it sum up to?

Fun actions we can take protesting the judge who claims privacy isn't that important- great article by glen Greewald *NM* *LINK*
His rationale? “I think privacy is actually overvalued,” the distinguished jurist pronounced. Privacy, he explained, is something people crave in order to prevent others from learning about the sh
....Shameful and filthy things they do" *NM*
Judge Posner needs to be in a realty TV show where the film crews follow him 24 seven and it's broadcast nationwide at prime time !!
imagine, the latin origin of the terms 'privacy, private, privy (LOL), privilege' etc is related to stealth, wealth, robbery
seems to be a 'commie judge of jud-ge aka ju-rist' acting along the old commie rule "all of your base belongs to US but ours is non of your business" ... the ex-proprietors cabalah :D *NM*
JUrist JUdge POSner LMAO at least he got the right name: POSner, yet another POS RoScoKido working hard to destroy everything sane and decent :D
Nice imagery Jack!!! Perfect ... Enjoyed hearing your take on things... Thank you for sharing your thoughts *NM*
"nice" ??? ...errrrr, ya thinks so :( - okay, dear friend, I know what you mean ;) *PIC*

In my opinion, the cops in Chicago are too fat and ugly to film, anyways. I mean, they can't even run after criminals
in Emanuel Rahm City of Meyer-Lanskys et al, why should cops run after criminals when it's easier for them creamed stooges to look into a mirror :D btw Rahm is german for 'cream', pardon, UPPER cream
As it turns out, this may be a bullshit story. Mostly true, but false! ? *NM*
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