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1 hour ago, William Mount & his bright wifey: "Brink Of Annihilation, Cuss & Discuss" - They get it right, imho, many many times! :D *PIC*
"I don't know my name" - Do you? Being too busy to post more these days, here`s my greetings with GRACE VANDERWAAL. She should be on BBS Radio!!!
Grace mentions Twenty One Pilots in one of her videos. So I add "Stressed Out" and "Kitchen Sink", appears to be a new genre of pop music. Let a sink make us think! :D
"I don't know my name" clip now down-rated by YewTube crooks from 640 million(!!!) viewers to below 2 millions (the way they are, these lying cheating scumbags of supremacist complacency) *NM*
question rising: who IS the enemy of the American people? *NM*
sorry, I was mistaken, the figure 640 millions is not correct, nevertheless, they do it and they did it ... manipulate figures and give false impressions to the gullibles on the daily iSHAT run :D *NM*
New Message from Matthew September 17, 2016
Is anyone getting 74 Mbps download speed? I signed up with Cyber Ghost and when I run the Ookla speed test suddenly I'm getting 3x what I used to get. Very strange! Acension mode? :-)
Here's How Hackers Can Disrupt '911' Emergency System and Put Your Life at Risk. Ponder how easy it would be for the gov't to do the same.
The Press ignores the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe and Vatican Connections to the Dakota Access Pipeline and Truth that We're "All Enemies of the State".
Thank you. I could walk to the CN Tower if I was inclined to do so.
Any chance you've been to the aquarium next to the tower? *NM*
Actually No ... afraid of water *NM*
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