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Boarder volleyball USA vs mexico at the fence line coolll :D *LINK*

After more than 30 years of life sharing my wife started to call me CHIEF or CHIEFEY whilst I myself more often address her with MADEMOISELLE or BABY ... what does it mean? :D *PIC*
That's nutz man, Chiefie, I means it..... friggin nutz. Do you have a plan? *NM*
Thanks for your empathy! :D My plan: We will stay together, sure.
Wow, thank you for sharing! Please continue........... *NM*
Oh, what's that? Dear Don, you put yourself into my place? ..... let me guess .... hm :( ahaaa :D :) *NM* *PIC*
I actually thought it was a great story. In fact, i can actually relate.......LOL I too seem to have acquired a nickname over the years. *NM*
if you don't mind, please tell me (I'm eager to learn, will keep it for myself, discretion assured :D) *NM*

Re: People and Porn........ what else is there?

Re: 'parked' ... for whom? Microsofties? ... by tro nix com ... err 'comes' this way?
My, how time passes by! BTW, X being the 24th letter in the alphabet leads to 6 (2+4), so: XXX = 666, the sign of the beast *NM*

satern orions belt seven dogs, loyal sat sixth day of creation *PIC*
Cathys Clowns *PIC*
Re: satern orions belt seven dogs, loyal sat sixth day of creation *PIC*

Black man shoots and kills a white women reporter *LINK*
Virginia gunman *LINK*
Well with 2 news reporters dead by gunman i hope with all my Heart obama will SPEAK UP TO MEND A SUFFERING NATION Bring al people together here is his chances i Am about Truth *LINK*
It's all staged and faked the way the Greenbergs do it - by way of deception they do war - "gun control, gun control, gun control, disarm all Americans" to enable commie shehitah ... anything else?
Killary Klinton is euphoric with killing & selling embryo parts (Non-Planned aka Pissed Parenthood), slaughtering foreign patriots, supporting coward drone murders of civilians. She SO ABHORRENT! *NM*
yes jack i know and agree with ya they want the 400 million guns taken from Americans yet never will that work, , and thye want vary bad a race war at same time brother

been there, seen nothing plausible, nothing conclusive :D *NM*

how the name 'Master Butterfly came to be *PIC*
Mustard Butter Fly? Haven't seen any! We prefer to eat mustard on sausage and high quality original Irish butter on whole grain bread with Za'atar that does not attract houseflies, ya know :D
Dribble that no one but you possibly understands

See for yourself…an analysis of photos and video of the explosion at Tianjin provides confirmation Tianjin was nuked.
Thanks for chiming in. Did you read my thread started 18th August, did you see the picture collection in the follow-ups? *PIC*
I got distracted by Jim Stone's opinions about orgonite. IMO, he doesn't know what he is stalking about as I've seen what orgonite can do and have felt its effects.
Thanks for your reply, I concur with your doubts about Jim, the "NO IFS AND BUTS. PERIOD." exposer :D Maybe he's just an artist offering the best beacon for anxious mice?
bacon, not beacon, makes me dizzy, all these infos & disinfos & maybe's whizzing around *NM*

Freelusion - WOW! Check this act out! *LINK*
showing the Whte women will save the black Man this is all teh parasites show and want a race war if you cannot see that than i dont know what to tell ya
Just appreciate the art form. I think you are reading more into it than needs be. No wonder the fucking world is in such a mess!
Freelusion = Black & White Freemason delusion? Heidi Klum a role model? Aren't there already enough Obongos? :D *NM*
jack my post is government wants a race war and them who watch these Tel-a Vision are helping them with their race war for obama is king doing zero for races to Come together *LINK*
IMO BHO is an aZZclown dancing to the rules of his hidden masters, he's no leader, just a teleprompt slave with a dark past and enough stuff for blackmail, blood-on-hands peace price swindler :D *NM*
well agree Jack and in the 6th Heaven all world governments are runed

200 Proofs Earth is not a spinning ball~ *LINK*

I am right back at you. What a total TEAR JERKER that was! I can not vocalize to others what was in that film without feeling a knot in my throat .. *LINK*

"time Stamp" 43/44, via ( watch the movie) Fox *LINK* *PIC*

what you(3rdperson) you become... *PIC*
Hey Drum Spirit, I clicked on your link and it took me to timewarner cables root, odd *NM*
a better picture of my collage paper, "Resistance" Re: Hey Drum Spirit, I clicked on your link and it took me to timewarner cables root, odd *PIC*
a better picture of my collage paper, "Resistance" Re: Hey Drum Spirit, I clicked on your link and it took me to timewarner cables root, odd *PIC*
the five pinball type things on brother John are were rather magnets, as resistance "U"Re: what you(3rdperson) you become... *PIC*
Rejuvination and rebirth as the butterfly morphs into second life... MASTER BUTTERFLY email.... *PIC*
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