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Noted environmental scientist professor Guy McPherson said, "I can't imagine there will be a human being on the planet in 2030; but the habitat for humans will be gone before that."

They are replaying (for free) all 9 episodes of “The Truth About Cancer: A Global Quest” for the next 5 days. A valuable resource!

TPTB are not very creative! "Paris crisis (cr-ISIS) actors ‘duping delight,’ same actors at different false flags; had enough to demand arrests or need more duping?"

David Wilcock has just posted a huge amount of info titled, Disclosure Showdown: The War for the Truth. Amounts to about 75 pages in WORD. Maybe this will help the blind see the script.
Thanks for the heads up- I noticed the hitler in Argentina story realizing they are revealing a lot of secrets... Would still love witnessing disclosure *NM*

ARVARI - Academy of Remote Viewing And Remote Influencing
Ouch! When I had finished my ARVARI posting my compi was blocked and I realized the central heating had gone off also. Hm! Roundabout midnight! I made 'double restart', now everything running again :D

Talking 'bout JINN "Is that so difficult for you to understand?"
Do circumcised kippa dozers of both sides really think Europe is the right place where they can satisfy their hatred and lust for blood and murder? Will Europeans unite, stand up, kick them out?
Jack, you need your own radio show! The shit you know and the way you let it stick is remarkable. Ever thought of Talk? *NM*
Thanks for your outright offer. I know I could. But: Remembering George Carlin, I might go beyond and kick too many azzes, stirring up too much of 'kaka' or endanger New Age efforts :D
I second that motion to nominate Jack to have a radio show... *NM*

Putin not only talks 'tacheles' to lazy stupid billionaire, he starts to cleansweep the front- & backdoor of what IS RAw ELite's Dream "Ein Volk Ein Reich Ein Fuhrer". Putin backed by Space Aliens? :O *PIC*

Looks familiar, somehow? See the difference? OUT OF AFRICA Rwanda vs Kenya. Naturally Calm & Cosy in contrast to Cracked & Crazy :D *PIC*
The Apes of course! *NM*
:D Admit it, it's only because of the black fur, or is it? :D Got it, winter came to Torontella ... short visit, just for the beginning of the season. *NM*
HA! :D Nope! No winter here yet. Flowering still.

Happenstance! EDM or EoDM is an anagram of MODE or DEMO -> the way Rotten Ill-gotten Scum performs its public terror demos to instigate fear and push further nihilistic one world agenda. *NM* *PIC*

IMO a good source (based in England) to buy the silkworm enzyme 'SerraPeptase'. *PIC*

Got problems recently or got barred from downloading video clips? Please try this one, it works very well, at least with mp4 format ;) *PIC*

Problem-Reaction-Solution = create the enemies you need to instigate the turmoil that demands the prepared gig solution. Realtime actors at work. Who writes the scripts?
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