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Dr. Joye Jeffries Pugh. The 3rd Eye: Why God Created It, How He Hears Every Prayer, & More! *PIC*
Add-On to my (nasty!) Arkancide posting below: "Dossier on Hillary Clinton from DNC". Thanks to guccifer2 and JS. *PIC*
“I Murdered People For The Clintons” – Larry Nichols *PIC*
Aspartame. Clandestine Weapon of Mass Destruction. Dr Betty Martini calling out the top criminals in high places. Brave lady!
More online sabotage! As told before, I can't access TNT thru BBS front page, now I'm blocked from also. Sorry, azzclowns, I still know how to access the forum :D *PIC*
Gosh, let me know if you can't access the forum..........very odd as we have done nothing lately.
Hi Don! :D Thanks for your instant offer. Meanwhile I made route tracing and tested server-up. Got proof it's online interception and misdirecting. To Rome e.g.! :D
I hear you. They do that to me rather often. I have 18 phone lines (15 digital) and they reroute all the time, messing up the call-ins and/or call-outs. No Joke!
Similar problems here thou we have only 2 main lines. Telekom service admit to be clueless, send sorry card, my RF detector proofed them massive gigahertz interference. *PIC*
"proofed" LOL -> proved! :D *NM*
rainbow with purple fringes (the best pic I could save) *NM* *PIC*
Interview with the inventor: Nura's adaptive headphones turn our understanding of hearing on its head
I'm in a reckoning with the worst online broker I couldn't imagine of: - Ebay/Amazon wannabees founded by Rosenblum mishpocha in 2000. *PIC*
Lee Carrol just uploaded the Kryon Channelings from Mt. Ida Mountain in Arkansas...VERY cool info about the quartz crystals in this Arkansas location! I just got back on Saturday...a bird *LINK*
Raymon Grace's Newsletter June 2016 - Deconstruct the energies of pollution
Zika: message to purveyors of medical fraud.
Invisible microparticles in food can deliver vaccines, drugs...
Blue Avians, Sphere Beings, Blue Orbs, Ascension, Ancient Art…add David Wilcock, Corey Goode and William Henry…what have you got? Lots to think about!
Octogon. The Empire Of Darkness. - Sean Hross tells it all. No longer be fooled by the fangs, see the head of the octopus. *PIC*
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