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Hey, i will say this. I like the Queen's children. William looks like a highly educated, intelligent and thoughtful man, and I think he would be a good King. *LINK* *PIC*
Are they good role models? Traveling China in the 8th month? Remember the occult and the problems with her (?) first giving birth, the suiceded Indian nurse? IMHO, they're shiny luciferians.
suicIded or suicEded ... whatever they needed :D *NM*

FULL ARTICLE Benjamin Fulford 11-17-14… “G20 meeting was a total defeat for the cabal, Bush and Cohen crime families on the run”.

"Illuminati Celebrity Satanism Exposed!! 2014 [Full Documentary]" much fuller docu here, non-censored re-upload kick azz yewdupe compilation, though slow :D
looking forward to the final day when "yewduper" bastards hiding behind "sorry about" wailing walls get dutifully closed off and kicked out of our solar system 666 trillion light years far far away :D *NM*
another working source, much to the chagrin of the lying, cheating, censoring YewDupers:

Holy Shatner, is this really accurate? *LINK*
“It’s going to be you, Hemsworth,” the tallest one said. *LINK* *PIC*
As you say, e.g. ZOT Germoney Yewtube censor mark: "this video is not available, sorry" - blatant censorship. So will try other sources. *NM*

Polar Vortex 2.0 or what? How the North-East of the US of A is buried in ice and snow, second wave coming in, emergency state(s). Does anybody care over there? - Or is it Putin bashing in revenge?

The G20 is about to sign off on a massive pro-banksters 'bail-in' agenda that puts the entire U.S. pension funds, U.S. mutual funds, IRA accounts & the entire savings accounts of ALL Americans at risk
ALL Ummerrikaans? :( Double citizens included? Somebody kidding US? :D

Bionic soil, "The product technology is called lithification, and lithification is the definition of transforming soil into rock,"…(new home material?)
Hey, now that's a SOLID Investment opportunity, imho. Great Find!!
Wanna have my ideas on secret sauce soil-id infest-meant? :D Or better not? (talking 'bout scientific and common solid definitions, investor scams and other secret saucerer POS-see-billi-ties) sorry.
Hey Jack...Bionic Soil is the real deal. Check out the web site and videos if interested.
Dear friend, thanks for the new link and your response, looks more serious now to me. I just had to hick up with the investors bent and the many definitions of soil.
I love the original idea resp. definition of Bionics as a science but here also, as with soil, so many twisted meanings. Bio-logical Electro-nics -> Bionics vs Copying Nature's Methods. Hhmm ... *NM*

Pacific Sea Life?
I hear that!!! *NM*

Lies, Liars and Climate Deniers - Fossil fuel industry’s dirty tricks campaign exposed

Obama: ‘Ebola contractors to be held unaccountable if general public infected from mismanagement’

Introduction to Possibility Wave and information coded biofeedback...just came across this.
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