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Have a garden? (DIY food production within the confines of your home garden?) Introducing FarmBot Genesis!
Jon Rappoport interviews Sharyl Attkisson: vaccines, exposing the CDC (…or…you don’t have a problem! Have a vaccine anyway!)
Did ReptAliens cause the Deluge to destroy humanity and to start re-engineering by repto-DNA injection experiments?
Sheikh Imran Hosein: The State of Israel is Responsible for SHAKY BROKEN WORLD? *PIC*
Re: Stunning Evidence of a Caldera Volcano in Arkansas!!
In Classic German tongue when something is faked to deceive others then it's "turkeyed". Must be for a reason! "to turkey", if you think about it :( hey mister Err-Dougan :) *PIC*
more precisely would be saying: to turk, turked, turked. If it's "turked" then it's faked, similar to speak of "Potemkin Villages" (faked street frontsides for the Czar's visit).
Erdogan's role model is Hitler. He referred to him in public. The book "Mein Kampf" is one of the widest spread & read non-censored books in Turkey. Where's the outcry of the self-chosen hypocrites? *PIC*
VeteransToday say: "We ain't buying it - is that the smell of a burning Reichstag?" *PIC*
'We’ve gone from cancers we could not ever cure to being able to cure them using this strategy'...worth keeping an eye on!
Benjamin Fulford - one ton of gold offered for the capture of each of the 16 Khazarian gangsters mentioned!
A few gold nuggets should be spent on the seizure of helpers little helpers, such as "German" (khazarian lineage Kazmierczak!!) Chancelleuse Angela Merkel resp. Kasner (remailed for Khaz Meir Czak) *PIC*
short bio of Chancelleuse Angela Merkel resp. Kasner (remailed for Khaz Meir Czak) *PIC*
Good ol' Ben, always good for a
USA government CONSPIRED with Chinese leaders to invade and take over America? The Clintons are part of it? *PIC*
Lavish Greenberg Diamonds? Black Wives Shatter? Watch William Mount: "Riots Erupt Across The Nation" More proof of CryThis Actors whoring for mAzz media moguls, necktied mason clubbers & ZoG obummers. *PIC*
seems to be so: "an attempt is underway to have America in a state of full blown civil war when the elections happen" *PIC*
Novo Ordo Seclorum Ordo Ab Chao Cry-This mAzz Media Hype: Cast-Ile Phil-Andro from Or-Lan-Do gone awry? *PIC*
Sorry! Dunno how the "r" came in between Phil-Andro resp. Phil-An-Do. Maybe cuz of memory snips with US US US 4th Joo-lie NaZional front yard bombings? Rowdy Rawford's self-mutilation? *NM* *PIC*
Hackers can steal your ATM PIN number from your Smart Watch of Fitness Tracker
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