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What A Way To Go: Life at the end of Empire (full movie) *LINK* *PIC*
I should read your rants more often. That was my kinda ranting! *NM*
Re: I should read your rants more often. That was my kinda ranting! *PIC*
Re: I should read your rants more often. That was my kinda ranting! *PIC*
One Eye Double Ranting? :( How ee loomi naughty is this? :D *NM*

We kill you sweetly, very sweetly! 20,000 times sweeter than sugar...

Reset.Me (former CNN journalist) aims to provide accurate journalism on psychedelics and natural therapies for depression, anxiety, stress, PTSD...
Reluctant to try any of the above, then check out EFT as it is usually quick and effective!
Examples of the power of EFT...check out the stage 4 cancer of the bowel story

Hard times for Israel Lovers & Lickers? Imagine! Protesting Immigrants in Germany chant "Jude, Jude feiges Schwein, komm heraus und kämpf allein!" They did. Kaboom Boom Boomerang Effect from Gaza?
300+ views: Coward POS IDF sniper (Rotten Scum of Kikedom) dastardly killing unarmed Palestinian looking in the rubble for his bombed relatives.
Its pure Madness Jack the truth of how many viewed it is most likely in the millions I MICHAEL Stand with all Spirits Of peace, I AM speechless. *NM*
What the US and NIgeria Share...

It is said we are 1% physical, 99% energy. We are primarily electrical in nature then chemical. Imagine bacteria surviving on nothing but electrons!

Allegedly 100(!) AIDS scientists or micro-biologists on board of MH17? Bells ringing? Recall long chain of suicided/taken-out micro-biologists? POS Mafia preparing ground for more take-outs to come?
Hey Jack Wow Your Observation love it does anyone remember Star Trak the vary frist one in shows the Archons, and how they make the EYES see different for each person,
Sorry, I had no time to watch hollyweird sighense fictionnary in my younger years :D The Apollo moon landing hoax had turned me off! :D Didn't like Alfred Hitchcock's phantasies either ... *NM*
More proof ziomedia cheating like crazy to advance their murderous agenda of Poposhenko Jew World Order aka Satanic World Empire.
Well I SEE You See Looking At same Women may be different to you she is young :D to me old in age huumm
Is this crash a perfect example of "what goes around, comes around"?
thou I had (have?) my qualms with Jim Stone methinks he's done plausible homework on the MH370-MH17 oddities. - Encircling Russia, stage false flag, start great war: USrael WILL NOT succeed!

Re: Sadly ........ (Cosmic Observer)
Hi and Hello! I'd thought of you quite often, lately, wondering what you're doing and where your thoughts keep going .... how about the Great Lakes Area? Are you okay? ;) *NM*

Dr. Richard Bartlett, DC, ND, author of Matrix Energetics© is interviewed. Tons of nuggets of info/perspectives in this interview. It is downloadable. Much to think about!

70% of Florida's orange tress are infected and the cause exists elsewhere in the world

A different wrinkle...about 100 AIDS activists expecting to attend a conference were in the plane...
Thanks for the source. I've read about it. Is this a reason to shoot down a civil aircraft no matter who did it? WHY did this plane fly into the war zone? Will Malaysian Airlines tell? Be allowed to? *NM*
A few hours ago google & friends have started to censor the web but some articles are still in the google cache. "By way of deception ..." POS excrements don't sum up as intended, so they ban sites. *NM*
Strange term 'AIDS activist' ... what's an 'activist' anyway? Anybody who is active with something? Who isn't, as slong as you're alive. Ambiguous new-speak?
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