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In 2001 John Bramblitt Went Blind. A Year Later, He Began Painting. Pics and how he does it in the link.

Scientists find simple way to cook rice that slashes calories in half
Eat Them, God Will Know His Own
Re: Can't link?

Obama has suggested voting be made manditory! Comments?

A Team of Biohackers Has Figured Out How to Inject Your Eyeballs With Night Vision (actually they use drops)

Engineering students extinguish fire with sound. A pair of engineering students created a new type of fire extinguisher that uses sound waves to put out flames.

I've never heard this before, maybe I need to go lay down..."One of the most important things we can do at this time is to disable the moon. It controls every aspect on this planet."

Matthew on Isis; religions’ divisiveness; terrorism, crime; cabal, Illuminati; US Congress; karma’s flexibility; measles, vaccines, autism; Putin, Obama; trees

What one small company learned about ransomeware...we can learn from this.

Why Banksters hate peace!

Here we go again? Saudi Arabia, with US Support, Invades Yemen.

Ben Fulford writes a cautious but optimistic view on new changes in the world order.
Then there is this financial perspective...

Stories of UFOs decreasing radiation counts at nuclear plants.

Tom Clearwater on Truth Warrior - Scalar Humanity *LINK*

33 Strange Facts About America That Most Americans Would Be Shocked To Learn

Full Disclosure - Hon. Paul T Hellyer - Money Mafia *NM* *LINK*
Excellent Post! *NM*
Hon. Paul T Hellyer - Money Mafia - it is available as a Kindle book! Less than half the cost of the hard cover. *NM*
Have you read the book? *NM*
No I haven't. With respect to me, he's talking to the choir.
DrumSpirit Great Post Me Dear lady :) *LINK*

Smart pesticides? Mushrooms to the rescue? Totally disruptive to Monsanto?

10 hours ago there was a long comprehensive thread at GLP, 36 pages, growing and growing, about the Airbus 320 crash near Geneva and CERN. Now the thread is gone! All shares in vain!
HA! Just Got Banned
Hi Lance! I love the idea about the 'real meaning/history of words' and etymology. Have collected some links for you and all who want to learn more about GLP oddities.

Octopus stalks a rock crab...reminds me of human life...excellent Vimeo quality!

Using eye tracking software and concentration, a man draws with his eyes!

True Conversation In A Real World!
Holy Maccaroni!
The Sad Ad Side of Humanity
Those who love to use the word F..k anytime, their mind ha *NM*
Re: Those who love to use the word F..k anytime, their mind has not evolved hi their belly button. *NM*
Those who love to use the word F..k anytime, their mind has not evolved higher than their belly button. *NM*
Re: Those who love to use the word F..k anytime, their mind has not evolved higher than their belly button.
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