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Speaking of Hemp ... Saw mention of drinking hemp oil but I have been drink
Tasmanian researchers investigate using electrolyzed water on crops. Potential is to eliminate herbicides and keep crops safe.
More bad news! This App is said to Let You Find Anyone's Social Profile Just By Taking Their Photo
Despite browsing incognito, blocking advertisements, or hiding your tracks, some (TOP) websites monitor and track your every move online using a new web-tracking technique called Audio Fingerprinting
Whew! QX Orgone Lady! Methinks she's excelling in radionics, especially at full moon :O thou a lil narrow-hipped :D *PIC*
A bit of dowsing will tell you if she's a clone or SS'ter *NM*
Well, if she loves to be dowsed in the fields, how can I find her? There are lots of hazel rods in my neighbours garden ... will think about it ;)
SS'ter = so-called "Social Service sis'ter" ? ;) :O :D - in case I missed the point, please help *NM* *PIC*
Shape shifter! Supposed to be a lot of clones about. Not entirely sure if the term refers to an actual physical clone or an etheric clone. *NM*
"Pомашки (Romashki)". About the beauty of springtime amidst wild white marguerites. :D
Glyphosate, a powerful herbicide, is the active ingredient in Monsanto’s Roundup weed killer, and is the word’s best selling herbicide, used in over 150 crops in over 90 countries. Love it?
Russia banned US Monsanto's Agent Orange Garbage. Ruskies want to preserve their nature and their nation, grow strong people to fight off US bubble gum invaders and stooges.
The Oneself Teachings
Imagine, I'm just sitting in front of the screen, read your articles, eat a mixture of curd cheese and green oily liquid :D namely hemp oil, tastes somewhat grassy but I like it. You too? *NM*
I've not experienced what you describe. *NM*
Organic cold pressed hemp oil has a strong unique taste. It's said to be healthy. Can you get it at your place?
It is legal to do so. I've not yet had the need. Rick Simpson says specific buds are best for maximum effect. How do I trust a grower? *NM*
The 8 Dumbest Mistakes Even Smart Gardeners Make (No. 3 Could Ruin Your Entire Crop)
Very useful article. Thanks, dear OM ;). I might add: Plant relationships with soil and other plants. Some plants like and help one another, prepare the soil for follow-up growth.
Doing a search on "Radionics in farming and gardening" can produce very useful info. *NM*
thanks for the hint ;) *NM*
Finally I googled "PDF Radionics in farming and gardening" and got a wealth of links for lecture and download. Thanks OM! :) *NM* *PIC*
HPV Vaccines Toxic - Lead Developer of HPV Vaccines Comes Clean to Warn Parents & Young Girls
Desktop Turbine Can Power a Town. Tiny turbine that fits on your DESK runs on carbon dioxide - and it can produce enough energy to power a small town.
Dr. Andrew Wakefield, Director of the Film “Vaxxed: From Cover-Up to Catastrophe” is interviewed .
The latest email from David Oates of Reverse Speech fame.
also: if the first and last letter of a word are right but the letters in between are in wrong order our mind quickly analyzes and re-combines - sub-liminally, sub-consciously :D *NM*
and then, especially in English: a lot of words that sound similar or even the same but have different meanings, only the context pins what's been expressed -> subliminal trans-missions ;) *NM*
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