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"GO". Same. Different. View. Speed. But Nothing Changed. *PIC*

The future of data storage is going to change. All of the digital data that exists today could be stored in less than 20 grams of DNA (0.71 ounces)..

"All My Days." Relax. Enjoy. :D *PIC*

The negative side of Synthetic Biology, Nanobots, AI, Photons, Manipulaton of DNA and RNA, Transhumanism, etc. This affects us all.

We all know someone who has trouble walking. If one has control of their arms this is the most creative thing I've seen in a long time.

The fluoride wars: loving cancer, loving lower IQ.

Accessing the subconscious mind is considered impossible/very difficult. Suggest checking out the “Examples” at David Oates web site.

There are multiple ways to control/manipulate society. Edward Bernays, considered the Father of Propaganda, is the feature in the following video.

I'm still watching, testing, comparing. Will come back. Thanks for your kind inquiry. ;) *NM*
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