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Former ecstasy king-pin explains how the war on drugs, and the American Justice System is failing. Easy to listen to Podcast…

Not the Zika virus…“Argentine and Brazilian doctors name larvicide as potential cause of microcephaly.”

Hail Hillary! - Hail, hail, hail on you! And a good tight neck sling for you as well! Hillary Clinton: A Career Criminal, related to and backed by murderous criminals of same ilk! *PIC*
HPP Hillary Planned PreziHood "Fail Hillary! - Fail, fail, fail on you!" :D Why Hillary, didn't Planned Parent Parenthood take care for you when you were still in the womb? What a fail!

Re: this post subject has no meaning to me, guess it isn't meant for me eh'

"Oops! Your souser is no longer supported!" A very personal message to the toxic tribe of azzclowns aka global mafia, courtesy of austro-pop duo Wolfgang Ambros & Reinhard Fendrich :D *PIC*

"Pole shift will happen when Nibiru/Planet X affects the earth" - sounds plausible? *PIC*
Worth considering? 5 Truths about earth’s magnetic reversal.
A challenge to Sitchin's assertions that Nibiru refers to a 12th planet beyond Pluto.
Thank you. Very well written article. I'm not familiar enough to check validity. From all I know: globe earth has been hit many times from outside, poles shifted, skin injured, it's obvious.

Days are counted! "TIME Is Almost Up! WWIII Is Here!!! TIME Reveals Merkel-Hitler Covers 77 Years Apart! Coincidence?" *PIC*
WWIII will be a cover/distraction from something big realted to the economy! It is always about the money! There will be a push for NEGATIVE interest rates world-wide. Theft!!! *NM*

Another reason to buy your food locally! Commercial Farms using Recycled Oil Industry Waste Water to Grow their Produce.

The secret service being to president Barock Obamabaroc left being the CMPD of the broken angel hands and antiversury neighbor called on my hollering to fib sister *LINK*
almost over and like I have always said, I collect the do do balls of dirty chrome and throw it back in one gigantic wad with no absolutely no wiggle room, any day the knock well visit with you have *LINK*

A 1947 Patent Shows Origins of Zika Virus

"...the vast majority of us share so much in common. We regret the things we didn’t do far more than the things we did; the chances not taken weigh much more heavily on us than the mistakes made."

Obama said he stood for change! Pocket change? In case you missed it, Obama just proposed raising the gas tax to what would amount to 136%.

Got $20? You can modify a vote counting machine to do exactly what you want! TPTB never want to over spend getting the results they desire!

Some excellent examples of Cancer and Essential Oils: What NO Oncologist Will Tell You

behind the fence it seems to have a civil war solider in a transparent rock to the right of the outhouse that the developers want to dexter be, as one tried to move the cement basin it wouldn't budge *PIC*

Praise the Lord or known as PTL is completed the 84 acre prison camp and rehab elation from a con artist brain control *PIC*
Re: Praise the Lord or known as PTL is completed the 84 acre prison camp and rehab elation from a con artist brain control *NM*
Re: Praise the Lord or known as PTL is completed the 84 acre prison camp and rehab elation from a con artist brain control
oaklahoma fema camp ready *NM* *LINK*

Cmpd fox and 43/44. *LINK*

Bloomberg News, February 4, “U.K. to Spray Planes on Routes From Zika-Affected Countries”...get as many politicians as you can on these planes!
More UK stupidity. U.K. Town Moves Forward with Fluoridated Milk for Children. You would think the Queen would be saying…”This is getting embarrassing.”

This is a perfect time to note the brainwashing effect media has on people.
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