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Re: It's got to be appropriate to post the Coconut Lyrics by Artist Harry Nilsson with comments!
Breaking: beam positive energy to assange...might be threatened or targeted *NM* *LINK*
I guess there is confirmation Julian is safe, last night there was some speculation about his safety *NM*
another trump spoof video - Show us your P----- *LINK*
why business men are better...:-) *LINK*
Whatever you do, "Don't Cross the Line!"
Re: Whatever you do, "Don't Cross the Line!" Wake Up America 6/15/15 Cpt. Gary Kassbaum, microchip removed (youtube) *LINK*
Search - Clothing that stops EMF, plus get a dashcam or two. We are all getting blasted like Capt Gary Kassbaum visa cellular EMF, just not as dramatically. *NM*
Jack, one likely doesn't even need to be chipped!
thanks for the hint, I just came back from an amazing spiritual journey that started this morning when I woke up and suddenly had an Austrian song collection in mind I had bought decades ago :D
Thinking About Voting? Read This First -- Op-ED
Media Blackout: Hillary Calls for Killing ‘a Lot of Civilians,’ Starting War with Russia. Who owns the media? That ought to tell you almost everything you need to know.
Matthew has a new post - this time on cloning, likely since so many people are wondering if Killary is or has a clone.
Said to be “a once in a lifetime three-day Ultimate LIVE Symposium presented by The Truth About Cancer. Watch it free and online - starting on October 14th.
One of the most creative/genius/elegant ways I’ve ever seen about creating PURE water for anyone...anywhere in this world.
The yahoo email scandal…hundreds of millions of people have been compromised in their communications.
Not just people questioning the value of vaccines, it is the way we get convinced a certain approach is valid.
Jim Stone on Juicy Clintonites and more: "They have made it clear: The election WILL be stolen. What will a stolen election this time around mean?" *PIC*
Nothing is going to work out like the Clintions and TPTB have planned. There's just too many evil things that have to work out perfectly.
Has anyone ever grown indoor potatoes in a garbage bag?
Think about rain water! The Carnicom Institute has some rain water analyzed. (You could do this too! This post is like a wake-up call about something we likely take for granted.)
To reinforce the post immediately above...pic of chemtrails. The percipitate lands somewhere, right? On crops, breathed into your lungs, on the water you drink.
Do You Really Understand The Health Risks From Microwave Technology?
Benjamin Fulford -- October 10th 2016: US elections to be cancelled and war crimes tribunals to be held Pentagon and CIA sources say
my guess on HRC: she's brain-chipped, under remote control by hostile aliens, she's ghoulish like a zombie. *PIC*
Speaking of chips/implants…see what you think of this…
Dear friend, thank you very much for your response and the links ... I found there a lot of my own 'homegrown conclusions' and also useful hints and elaborations on hidden subjects.
Iceland Just Did the Exact Opposite of What the U.S. Does — It Found 9 Bad Bankers Guilty in Historic Case
Methinks things getting very serious now in Syria. Big Mouth Milley "US PentaGoon Bulldog Thief of Chaff" (npi :D ) barking furiously - See also Truth On Russia Syria Ukraine by Israeli(?) News live *PIC*
WikiLeaks Delivers! Exposes White House, Media & Clinton Colluding to Label Critics Conspiracy Theorists
Went for a 90 KM drive in the country today and saw at least 8 huge three bladed wind turbines.
Christian Anders. TRUMP - CLINTON! PRESIDENTIAL DEBATE! What Trump should have said! *PIC*
From images I've seen, both Clintons are experiencing the "what goes around comes around" karma. Media loves them. No one need wonder why...because birds of a feather flock together... *NM*
(imho) politicians who call voters 'deplorables' or 'brown pack' (how shitty LOL) in return ought to be named 'disposables` or more precisely 'despicable disposables'. *PIC*
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