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Greetings O most identifiably clairvoyant one!

You probably get that "feeling" because the location is right =/- 22 degrees to the ecliptic of my brand new tin foil hat!

My guess is that the affected area includes my location and a circle that encompasses Mt. Adams to the the Columbia river and then upstream to approx the booming metropolis of Bickleton and then across the lower Yakima valley to Sunnyside, turn left at the first stoplight, go west past the AM PM mini-mart, then, circling around to avoid the speed trap in Wapato, go to Union gap, turn left and makes a straight bee line 25 miles up the Ahtanum creek to my house.

And...Speaking of "up the creek" if you miss the turn at Union Gap, go back to the freeway and simply wait a minute or two. Then you should have no problem following that low flying cruise missle that I anticipate should be making the same left turn right about now!



Hi Cliff,

: "They are bombarding a targeted spot here on earth....from a
: location 22

: Why do I get the impression that that point in outer space is
: identifiable?

: Juan Loco

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