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Metatronic Science

By Mariah Prosper

Metatron is believed by many to be the highest Archangel of
Religious lore. I met this Archangelic energy many years ago, before
I stepped upon my spiritual path. In fact, it is due to Metatron,
that I am where I am today. This Archangel along with the Reiki
Masters guide The Adama StarFire Reiki™ energy. Metatron has been my
guide and friend for years, but more so in the past years since I have
channeled this StarFire energy, Metatron has become my teacher of
physical and spiritual science.

Metatron has in all ways felt like a very balanced, dark,
benevolent and merciful energy to me. When I first met this
Archangel, I researched everything I could find on him. Much of it
was from books that related the mythical lore surrounding these
Highest of Archangelic beings. Since the time of my awakening, I have
discovered more information along with my personal experience that
tells me, this Archangel is much more. I feel this Angelic energy is
in effect, responsible for the scientific workings of the Universal
plan and relaying that information to mankind.

The meaning of the name Metatron is hard to define, for
there are many different accounts from different belief systems of the
root meaning. Rabbi Eleazor of Worms (Germany) thought it derived from
the Latin `metator', a guide or measurer. Hugo Odeberg reinforced the
hypothesis that the name Metatron originated in Jewish circles and
"should be regarded as a pure Jewish invention; a metonym for the term
"little YHWH". Odeberg interprets the name as meaning "one who
occupies the throne next to the divine throne." According to Jewish
historian Gershom Scholem, on the basis of The Apocalypse of Abraham
the name might be a "vox mystica" for Yahoel (God). ¹ Metatron has
been described as "The Garment of Shaddai"; the visible manifestation
of the Deity as "Garment" of the Father; Almighty, Eternal Lord and
"Divine Voice" of the Father; Creator of the outer worlds; Teacher and
guide to Enoch and Creator of the Keys. "Metatron is the creator of
the electron."²

Metatron has been described as the greatest of all the
heavenly hierarchs. His is the realm of Kether of the Kabalistic Tree
of Life. He's been called king of angels, prince of the divine face
or presence, heavenly scribe, chancellor of Heaven, angel of the
covenant, the lesser YHWH, and chief of the ministering angels.
Charged with the sustenance of mankind, the Talmud refers to Metatron
as the link between the human and the Divine.

According to one legend, Metatron was Enoch who walked with God, then
was not. Metatron has been referred to as the dark angel who wrestled
with Jacob at Peniel (Gen. 32), as the watchman is "Watchman, what of
the night?" (Isaiah 21) Metatron is also known as the Logos, Uriel,
and even as the evil Sammael. Exodus 23; 20 may refer to Metatron:
"Behold, I send an angel before thee, to keep thee in the way and to
bring thee unto the place which I have prepared; and Exodus 23:22; "My
name is in him."

Metatron has been identified as the Liberating Angel and the Shekinah
(feminine power of God). According to the Kabala, Metatron is the
angel who led the children of Israel through the wilderness after the
Exodus. I could go on and on about the many referrals I had found for

To truly understand the energy of Metatron, one must commune with him
and associate with him. Metatron, the energy, is a reliable teacher
to me. I see and feel the energy when I call him. Sometimes, it is
dark, and sometime it is so bright that he appears to be a sort of
Ultra violet bright-very blinding to my eyes like the flash of a camera.

I have learned that all the research I found on Metatron was from the
perspective of the original writer. I have my own perspective of
Metatron. He is very atomic (Adamic) to me. He helps me to see
things on the atomic level. What I mean is when I ask "what is this?"
for whatever I am seeing in my mind, I get an atomic picture of some
micro structure of an energy or physical sustenance. I see strands of
DNA, I see atoms, and I see the actual wave or neutrino chaos of an
energy that I am asking about. He helps me to reference it to the
soul and its relation to our body genetics. This is how I have come
to understand the Adama StarFire Reiki™ energy.

I stumbled upon a book³ many years ago. It fell off the shelf of an
occult bookstore I was in one day. I have learned to believe that
signs come in all forms, and seeing this as a sign that the book was
showing itself to me, I bought it. I tried to read it, and at the
time, it was too far out for my consciousness to understand. It spoke
of Gods of different heavens, Aliens, spacecrafts, light messengers,
and many others out of this world experiences. So I put it on the
shelf and decided that when the time came for me to understand it, I
would have it to read.

Through the years, as I learned more about the occult, Spiritual
matters, healing, and grew very Spiritual in my beliefs, I would
occasionally pick the book up and let it fall open, and it would help
me to understand whatever was happening to me at that point in my
life. It has truly helped me to get a grasp on the immensity of the
Adama StarFire energy that I channel and its importance to humankind.
It has helped me understand Metatron in a way that I learned to
communicate with him with ease.

According to the Book of Knowledge: The Keys of Enoch, "If we could
align the energy focus of our field of intelligence with the next
universe of the Higher Intelligence, the direct communication or new
vibratory wavelength would work with what the Higher Intelligence
calls "Metatronic energy." It is explained that the Greek work `meta'
means "the half-life function" of the higher forces of energy,
Metatron, who is one of the Creator Presences of Yahweh that works
with the scientific programming going on in our universe.

I will quote excerpts from the Book of Knowledge about Metatron that
helped me to understand the Adama StarFire Reiki™ energy. "The power
of Metatron sets the weights and measures for creation which allows
for the dawning of the Living Light of YHVH (Yahweh) in the regions of
darkness so they can eventuate into spiritual domains. There is a
story handed down in a hidden mystical scroll of Light which tells us
how in the darkness of primordial creation Metatron brought the
Father's Plan of creation to the outer worlds by alphabets of Light. (
Hebrew alphabet). These cosmogenic alphabets were the weights and
measures recorded by Enoch to be used by the other Creator Gods".

"This original scroll, The Weights and Measures recorded by Enoch, was
used for programming previous cycles of intelligence. But it was lost
to the knowledge of man after the energies of spiritual destruction
inhabited and controlled the Earth desiring to use these spiritual
truths with their technology of death. When the abominations of the
Earth spread throughout the nations, the original scroll was returned
to the Father to be reissued at the end of this consciousness time
cycle when the remnant Adamic Race would put on the Body of the Adam
Kadmon. Now is the time for the weights and measures to return!"

In many mythical belief systems, references to the `Weights and
Measures' are given. Such is the role of Thoth or Tehuti of the
Egyptian pantheon, which I have an affinity with. There are also
references to systems of measurements, vibratory control, and Light
consciousness in the Greek and Coptic writings of Alexandria, the Old
Testament scrolls, the early teachings of Clement of Alexandria, and
in oriental literature and belief systems.

The Book of Knowledge also says, "This book contains the keys to the
opening of Metatronic functions of creation preparing mankind for the
return of the Masters to this plane which is the completion of the
half-life function of what has already been prophesied. ….These keys
to new heavens are brought forth in a special archangelic alphabet of
Metatron known historically in Kaballah as ketav einayim, "eye
writings." These writings are composed of small circles and lines
shaped like flames. They are a greater language of creation through
which the elements of life are projected." (refer to chapter on
Relation of Adama StarFire to Hebrew alphabet in this book)

…."Thus, the people of God act as a branch of God's family in their
own local universe. They are able to actually reach out to attune
other human biological vessels so that they also can partake of the
sacred Light vibrations to change their molecular structure allowing
them to follow the energy trace back into other universes and become
the Adam Kadmon." I believe this could be a reference to Reiki
energies and other initiatory systems of Light.

…."When you are spiritually prepared to ascend, you add the "seal" of
your breath by the vibrations of the sacred Names to the "seal" of the
body of creation which you will graduate into and which is continually
being built up out of the Names which remake the mold of the Adam
Kadmon." The Adama StarFire energy has a symbol and `God' name for
each of the 12 genetic codes and corresponding chakra which are
initiated with the breath.

…"Metatron's name is used because He is the "final seal" for all the
bodies of Light that have descended into the lower worlds of
corporality, and he is the full-life cycle between the pillars of
Light in the higher Throne worlds and the measures of form in the
lower physical universes." (The Tree of Life)…."The "Left Hand" of
the Father has descended by means of the names of Metatron. Listen:
you shall ascend by means of the names forming the sustaining "Right
Hand." (I believe this may refer to our right side amino acids that
the Adama StarFire energy reworks in our codes of DNA)

As I read these references to Metatron in this book, the energy I was
channeling became clearer to me. It came in the Reiki ray, because it
was foretold that it would. The more I worked with the energy, the
more I felt like it was the Mother God energy. Harsh on the stubborn
mind, gentle on those who did not resist, yet the energy is a dark
kundalini like energy that burns old genetic codes. It certainly
teaches lessons like a Mother would. So to me, Metatron is the
Mother Goddess, here to save her children from the darkness for she
knows how to overcome that darkness. Metatron is the primordial
darkness from which all life came from, yet, she is the Light to which
all creation will return to someday. Metatron is at one with God.
Metatron is Goddess. Metatron is all the prophets, holy men and
women, angels and beings that have helped mankind through the ages
rise above the `fall'. Metatron is the Light, the Darkness, and the
energy of Metatron as the Adama StarFire Reiki can help us return home.

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