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OPINIONS ON NESERA? ANYONE... please let us know!!!! *LINK*

Here's an email from Rumor Mill News Yahoo Groups

I would LOVE opinions on WHO NESERA IS and what are they REALLY ABOUT?


------- SNIP from RMN Email --------


Anyone who believes in Nesara and wants to contribute to a war
chest .... forget them as they will take your money and throw away
their door sign

Put your cash into a Money Market account. At least you'll get 1.75-
3% on it


ps: I will say that the post title "Nesara for Dummmies" is aptly
named though! ;-)

--- In, sylvia moyce

>> Hi
>> I just had to reply to this e-mail. I have done 35 years of

research in religion,pre-history, anything pertaining to the meaning
and beginning of life. And the Afterlife.I have read some of your
journal's and this is my take on them. The first thing that stuck in
my mind was Journal 9 "SATAN'S DRUMMERS" Page 51, I quote" Well,
poor dear thing, Eve ate from the tree and immediately things began
to happen and she became totally confused and flustered."

>> The second was Homosexuals versus Lesbians, that the men would be

struck of the book of life and that it was OK for the women to have
a sexual relationship. Correct me if I am wrong, but I thought you
needed two to make a new life, not one. I could never envision a
higher being with the full Christspirit to be sexist. EVER!!!!!!!!!

>> Only the wrong faction of the ANNUNAKI are like that.
>> And then there is BILLY MEYER which by the way I think is a fraud,

but that is not the point. The point is, he said that he is the
only person (out of 5 billion people on this earth at that time) the
Aliens had contacted. He also claimed that it would allway's be so.
And you claim you have contact with them. Well, someone's lying

>> If Jesus was really here, he would not have to wait for anyone

being in the right place or wait for the right time.He will only

>> Sylvia
>> nesara_anounced_2005 wrote:
>> Esclarmonde and Aphrodite please do not be negative to something


>> do not know about.
>> Hello All,
>> To the ones who allways keep NESARA bashing you all talk like you
>> know what you talking about. What research have you done? Have you
>> checked with banks to confirm NESARA? have you even read the


>> of NESARA? For 99.9% of you that is a NO!
>> You continue to say its False just for its to Out of this world.


>> is not fair that the support for NESARA only grows world wide, and
>> RM Only post negative things about NESARA. I thought RM was a free
>> press/opinion site? If you continue to treat NESARA in this


>> then what are the rest of you guys fighting for?
>> Let people form there own opinion, and dont bash it with out ANY
>> I believe NESARA will be Announced this Month, and as I remember I
>> have the right to express my opinion, and my articals for the


>> to see and formulate there OWN opinion. Like I said, support for
>> NESARA is only growing.
>> For more INFO go to:
>> www.NESARA.US
>> INTERNATIONAL NESARA click flag for your
>> Country!
>> For a quick HISTORY of NESARA go to

>> Thank you