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by Dr. Fred Bell

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NEWS FLASH By Dr. Fred Bell

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Solar Flair
Solar Flair

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These flares are rated as by mankind as X or the largest of Solar Flares. They are caused by humanity's Aura in conflict with Natural Law. These are common signs of the end of days for those humans that refuse to conform to higher ideals and reset their intentions and therefore their Auras, when this is done in concert, it will re-balance the offended fields.
Semjase 9/23/05

If humanity fails to do this, then the refusing part will be brought into submission as part of a natural cause to a higher purpose. That purpose is for advancing souls to move away from this Earth's lessons as they now are complete and become space born. That is only one of many paths, but all paths must complete for any to be complete. It is natural law.
Semjase 9/23/05

NEWS FLASH By Dr. Fred Bell

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Auroral  Borealis     Solar Flare

"This is one physical plane relationship that exists between the Earth and the Sun. However the astral, or feedback section, not shown, here, see "Rays of Truth, "is creating the solar flare in the first place as the earth's aura is not harmonious with the other planets and their relationship with the sun. This is because mans emotional body is out of focus, so has become that of earth, turmoil, and when the Jupiter effect is in place, many planets in alignment, the sun really feels the negativity of the earth. this creates a Coronal discharge that readily becomes an earth tremor".

NEWS FLASH By Dr. Fred Bell

Hurricane Katrina was created due to the following conditions. Weather is created in a region above the earth's lower atmosphere in an area called the Troposphere. It is a region arising from the Earth's surface terminating 11 miles above us. This zone of creation is buffered against the powerful upheavaling energies of the sun by an area called the Tropopause. Within the Tropopause, the atmospheric pressure is 90% less than that of sea level, allowing air to rise and fall creating jet streams, and hurricanes, (jet streams diverted into a circular motion). This action is called by Meteorologists the Eliassian-Palm Flux.

Coronal Hole
Processed SOHO/EIT 284 image at 19:06 UTC on August 30. The darkest areas on the solar disk are likely coronal holes.

Target: Louisiana
WHATS WRONG WITH THIS PICTURE? This shows the extreme size of the Katrina Hurricane. Its two thirds the size of Central America! The power it generated came from the unblocked, unchecked solar winds. Storms like this are found on Jupiter, a very large planet is 11 times larger than the Earth with a much rarer atmosphere. Looking down from space you can see this is no ordinary Hurricane. This is only the beginning of things to come if we fail to make a stand against this form of destiny.

When you use Fossil fuel and create large amounts of carbon dioxide, the oxygen, which acts as a electrical insulator, is forced downward towards the surface of the earth. Above the Tropopause is the Ionosphere, were electrical winds move at thousands of miles per hour. These are called Auroral Electrojects (Solar winds).

The Haarp project sends large amounts of Microwave energy directly into the "F "region of the ionosphere located 300 miles above the earth. On August 27 and August 28, 2005, a Coronal Hole opened on the sun labeled by Astronomers, "CH184", with a high fluctuation velocity, creating a solar wind with a velocity of 340 to 389 Km/sec which penetrated the protecting Tropapause, and because of the lowered electrical resistance, set a spiraling force of energy loose within the prevailing jet stream of nuclear proportions that created a wind spiral that resulted in a Hurricane, which was named Katrina.

The rest is history. What is really sad is that this did not need to happen, but science today, will cross any boundary. All the best! Dr. Fred

Read the Crap and Doubletalk from Haarp's website (KILLERS with Millions of Watts of Power at their CONTROL - and they are USING IT against us!)
http://www.haarp.alaska.edu/haarp/tech.html - READ THIS in their OWN WORDS

Picture of How it Works

Fred BellToday Dr. Fred Bell is a practicing naturopath, scientist, environmentalist, inventor, performing world class musician internationally known speaker and founder/operator of Pyradyne, Inc.

Some of his most urgent current projects include worldwide programs concerning the growth and development of the young.

More Info: http://www.pyradyne.com

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