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Clay & Iron
Dr. Bill Deagle, M.D.
Clay & Iron

- Internet Radio Talk Show -
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Dr. Bill Deagle MD – Biography & Mission:

Dr. Bill DeagleMy training was in marine bacteriology and biochemistry before entering Medicine in 1973. My practice has encompassed Environmental and Occupational Medicine, Toxicology, Surgery, Trauma, Burn Medicine, Military Medicine, Pain Medicine and Rehabilitation and Integrative Molecular Medicine for 29 years. As a Board Certified Family / Internal Medicine doctor, research areas included Immunology of Arthritis and Toxicological induced neurological and autoimmune disease as well as cancer, thyroid research, diabetes, brain hormones, sensory nerve mapping technologies, pain research, and a physician for highly classified project employees on SDI Strategic Defense Initiative or Star Wars, Eschelon and World ID project, Schriver AFB, NORAD, US Space Command, Top Classified Quantum Computing CRAY Five Gallium Arsenide and large array microchip manufacturers, ATMEL Corp Ferromagnetic EMP proof chip makers and Directed Energy DNA weapons, Iridium Satellite Project engineers etc. I worked with Reserve Admiral Dr. John Hughes in the late 1990s on Operation Top Off and Dark Winter projects with war game simulation of bioweapon release. As primary teaching professor on Feb 12 th 2006 AAEM, American Academy of Environmental Medicine Seminar for North American, Europe, I mentored doctors and special bioweapons operations American teams.

Sharing top secret info with many sources, including those working on underground DUMB1 Deep Underground Military Bases One and off world classified military projects such as the Aurora, my history and technical background and technical training allows me to connect-the-dots in a compelling way in a wide array of brilliant and cutting edge guests on my Two Radio Network Shows The NutriMedical Report on www.GCNLive.com and Clay and Iron with Dr Bill Deagle MD on www.BBSRadio.com.

As a Medical-Legal IME Independent Medical Examiner physician for twelve years, I have fought for the injured military, industrial, and personal injury and auto trauma cases. Summer 2000, I performed an IME on a Hispanic man in his forties, paralyzed and in serious pain due to an unnecessary extensive spinoplasty procedure with Titanium cage in front and compression screwed and grafted spinal fusion surgery. The surgeon threatened to have my license removed for filing my report and stated he knew BME Board of Medicine Colorado secretary, President and senior members. There were several attempts to bring me before the BME without grounds, and I am still licensed in Colorado . The following year a patient of the same surgeon with the same experimental spinoplasty surgery had two spinal nerves pinned to her vertebrae with piercing screws, as medical catastrophe of this dangerous surgery. FBI at my request are investigating the HCA surgeon, the CO BME and 9 News about their attempts to silence me as whistleblower reporting against this spinal surgeon and HCA facility North of Denver, CO.

The BME, HCA Spine Surgeons, and 9 NEWs are ‘white collar' criminals using the soft target of ‘Pain Physician' to prevent me from helping the injured in war, accidents, or unnecessary and dangerous surgeries. Half of my practice in Denver was to aid those dying of cancer with pain or serious non-cancer pain. The war on Drugs has collateral damage as the N.W.O. funds to the tune of 250 Billion in America alone Black Ops underground, Space and Off World projects. C130s bulging with illegal drugs and naval ships bring most drugs into America, distributed by contract mafias of all nationalities, and launder through designated banks to fund above government projects. Pain patients who die in agony or live with non-cancer disabling painful conditions are the victims and considered acceptable collateral damage to the War on Drugs. We need a new Civil Rights US Constitutional Amendment for the Rights of Pain Patients, the Environmentally Ill through occupational or domestic exposures and those wanting to take back their health utilizing Health Freedoms to maintain autonomy for natural alternatives to toxic dangerous and not scientifically supported health care.

At Colorado BME and Nova Scotia College meetings the New World Order has been the primary issue they wanted to discuss. In 1999, my speaking tour exposing the coming World RFID, population control, UN Agenda 21, coming American Hiroshima and Bioweaponized Plagues was with The Prophecy Club. A fighter for truth and justice, I will not surrender to the dark side of our corrupt medical, political, religious or scientific elite.

I am available for phone consults worldwide and teach MD,DO, DC, ND, and wholistic health providers worldwide on evidence based molecular natural integrative wellness and cutting edge 21 st century diagnostics. As co-developer of the application of the Neural Scan device with Dr Jim Hedgecock Ph.D., D.C. we are the first to objectively map pain by nerve and cause of pain in history. The fusion of Western Science with Eastern and Native Natural Molecular Wisdom is my medical mission.

My mission on The Clay and Iron Show is, “Raise Your Consciousness, Become Wise, Control Your Destiny and the Destiny of Our Planet, and Survive Into a New Era of Enlightenment”.

Check for my weekly NutriMedical Report Newsletter Updated on www.BBSRadio.com uploaded weekly and enjoy the spiritual, mental and health blessing of listening and taking control or your destiny on Clay and Iron with Dr Bill Deagle MD

The May 25 th to 28 th 2006 Dr Fred Bell Seminar, I will be an introductory and Sunday speaker with topics to stimulate thought, spiritual enlightenment and a call to action from Avian Flu, DU NotSo Depleted Uranium, Above Government Technologies, WORLD GLOBAL RFID chipping, to Life Extension and Wellness Technologies of the New Millennium.

September 2006, I plan on hosting an International Clay and Iron Teaching Seminar in St. Louis, MO and keep tuned for times and exact location.

I come to mentor as a Physician-Scientist and Prophet of Israel to inform, enlighten and bless all those who have ears to hear and a will to hear and do what is good in the eyes of our Creator God.

MORE on... Dr. Wm. R. Deagle MD, ABFP, CCFP, CIME, AAAAAM, ACOEM, AAPM, SPPM, AAEM American Board Family Physician

Founder of NutriMedical, 1999.

Member of the American Board of Family Practice, Canadian College of Family Practice, American Academy of Environmental Medicine, and the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine and A.C.O.E.M., the American College of Occupational and Environmental Medicine. Dr. Deagle is also completing board certification examinations in the American Board of Pain Medicine, February 2003.

Board eligible in Occupational and Environmental Medicine since 1996.

An ACOEM Board Certified Independent Medical Examiner, and member of the American Academy of Legal Medicine.

Dr. Deagle has a teaching appointment as medical student preceptor at the University of Colorado School of Medicine.

Dr. Deagle plans completion in 2003 of the Board Certifications in the American Academy of Thermal Imaging, the American Academy of Anti-Aging Medicine, and the American Board of Holistic Medicine. Research interests include clinical consulting with Genovations and Great Smokies Laboratories for gene SNP, single nucleotide DNA polymorphisms. These are the genetic basis for current of future disease.

Dr. Deagle is writing a text on Functional Medicine - The Genetic and Immunotoxic Basis of Health and Disease with Dr. Ari Vojdani, PhD, Director of Immunosciences Clinical Laboratories, in Beverly Hills, California.

Dr. Deagle holds a patent pending for new topical pain pharmacotechnologies for pain control and new pain blockade trigger point technologies. Research interests include sensory nerve mapping for pain control utilizing the new 1997 FDA approved VsNCT, voltage actuated sensory nerve technology, MediDx 7000 from NDA Nerve.

Dr. Deagle has completed a study for the State of Colorado Department of Revenue on repetitive motion injury induced nerve entrapment diagnostics and trauma release interfacial therapeutics for the upper extremities. Plan is for future research of pain diagnostic of C.T.I. - Computerized Thermal Imaging technologies with a delta sensory nerve mapping for Interventional Pain Blocking Therapies.

Dr. Deagle is a public speaker on application of advanced laboratory testing or organ function in wellness and disease and the genetic basis for Holistic Integrative Medicine.

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