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Douglas Newsom and The Bible to Self Awareness

The Bible to Self Awareness

2nd Edition {unfolding}

by Douglas Newsom

1st Edition - as first told
The Bible to Self Awareness (Edition 1)

Daily New Insights
as the past meets the future now unfolding...


October 25th, 2005 {Edited 5-5-2011}

INSIGHT: Harmony and human nature will kill the capital system as we know it!

Change the world. How much time do you think that takes?

The strongest power is the power of love! Love wields more power, err the light would never always win, than might of sword, status or estate. The Creator gave us this power in equal accessible measure. Equal in our ability to use, become, and create with.

The meek shall inherent the earth. Why? They wield the power of love.

A thought is all it takes to change the world.

{If you have lost hope in gov't and people. Don't!

Human beings, since time began, have worked toward a better tomorrow. We get rid of crime! We hate disharmony! Our lives involve trying to make life safer / better for everyone (not just for a few). We strive to be part of a BETTER SITUATION TOGETHER. We are learning that each part of a system's health, no mater how small, is important!

But, daily we learn of collusion between banks and global capital funds, companies and gov'ts, at the expense of the population. Few gain, while the many suffer! This will end! I promise you!

Human beings have always sought, 'A better way of life!' And this fact won't change! From the very beginning, we all desired harmony! Most of us do (99%). Always have!

SO BE PREPARED FOR CHANGE! Be prepared to give up things in exchange for a new way of living! For a new way of valuing! Allow yourself to let go of a capitalistic systems, where money is the goal. MONEY SHOULD NEVER BE THE GOAL!

The media reports, if wall-street fails, we all fail! IT IS A LIE! Only an immoral system fails! It is brought to its knees and questioned. And we all are questioning things now!

Money is singular! It is inhumane! And it promotes a sense righteous indignation toward humanity that calls upon its own death. And it is dying! Mark my words! Money systems as we know it will die!

Imagine: If the US spent $750 billion on helping create food for the world (as much as we spend annually on our military machine), it would be game over! Can you imagine!

Our country spends almost a trillion a year on war and propaganda! This goes so far beyond normal, it baffles the sane mind! So much so in fact, lately, we've can't understand the scale of it. So we allow it! But that will change!

The very idea that, killing others is okay, for any reason (land, rights, law, etc) at any age, is so wrong (This is propagated by media, TV, movies, etc)! And so we try to normalize it! AND THIS IS WHAT KILLS US! Causes us angst. Causes us stress. Causes us dis-ease. The sane mind cannot agree with such insanity.

This breaking point will be evident in everything! SO be prepared for change!

by Douglas Newsom

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October 24th, 2005 {Edited 4-9-2011}

INSIGHT: Ask yourself deep questions to gain self awareness!

What is life? Is it anything that requires food, i.e., the sun, or plants and/or animals; is it anything with a brain; anything that can travel; anything more complex than an element? Would a hydrogen molecule be considered alive? What does having life ultimately mean? Is one life more precious than another? Who decides? Assume there are beings many times more powerful than us, and to them we appear as ants, does our life have less significance than theirs? Why, because they can accomplish more in less time? What ultimately defines our value, how much we accomplish? It doesn’t say anywhere, as a tenant of some higher dictate, “thou must work to have value.”

What is life? Most people have a preconceived notion of the definition, moreover, most have never thought about an answer! Even the dictionaries have a hard time with the word, i.e. “The property or quality that distinguishes living organisms from dead organisms and inanimate matter.” Is any matter really inanimate (you are made up of matter)! All matter has energy (a force that holds it together). All matter has movement, spin and frequency!

Could life be defined as anything with (some form of) consciousness and/or awareness? Perhaps life is a term applicable to all of existence; to everything. Does an atom have life? Is it conscious or aware (to any degree)? Can we even answer these questions with our current understanding? Can we proclaim what life really means or signifies?

Perhaps matter (energy) contains its own consciousness and/or awareness! It is hypothesized that an atom contains within it, everything it needs, and in similar fashion to us, it also contains within it the answers to everything else!

Is earth conscious? Is an atom alive? Is awareness an aspect of one part of earth or all parts of earth, no matter how small or different in form? Do we go through life assuming we have the answers? Do we rely upon the words and works of others to give us absolutes, or do we use information to give us new insight, extending the very nature of thought itself to new (and deeper) realms of understanding?Teachers give us knowledge so that we have a base to work from, which we can then expand upon, to explore new ideas and further our understanding!

Think upon these sorts of questions! There are no wrong questions! And there are no perfect answers! Sometimes asking a question of great difficulty leads to simple answers (you will find this is the case most of the time)! Ask your higher self! Ask your spirit guides! Ask God! Just ask! The answers may not come right away, but they WILL come! Start asking yourself some deep questions (every day), and see what sort of answers your mind conjures-up, or what new questions arise (which makes this process even more fun)! You’ll be amazed at what will happen to your psyche with regular prodding!

{no edits necessary}

by Douglas Newsom

October 22nd, 2005 {Edited 4-7-2011}

INSIGHT: Understanding ourselves in terms of Dimension!

We each live in our own dimension. But, if everything is 'one' then it could be said that everything exists at a Point. In order to experience, perhaps we create from this (our) Point. When we expand from our Point we create dimensional possibilities!

For a Point, a plane must exist (an expansion linearly from the point). I’d like to call this plane, the Plane of Existence; it represents our infinite parts (given that we are, at any one time, just a fraction of our total sum, in physical form or another)! Let’s consider the other aspect of a Point (a dot), it has dimension! It’s not flat! It has depth! So in order to experience, as a Point, we have to have another plane intersecting the plane of Existence (we’re thinking 3D here). The plane intersecting in perpendicular fashion is the plane of Consciousness (depth in dimension); unifying understanding; knowledge in the use and access to our parts; the ability to reason – Awareness!

Both planes connect perpendicularly, at a point, giving you 360 degrees of expression and experience! You at the center of the dot, the creator! You desire to experience! You do so by creating out from your center. The planes intersecting are literally extensions (thoughts) that come from within!

As a note, in this context, an atom could know ‘everything’ (be totally aware), and a person could know much less (be less aware)!

We experience ourselves differently by creating environments for the experience (parallel universes) (dimensions to ourselves) – and sometimes we use some or all of our dimensions, our compartmentalized subsections of existence and awareness, at any one time. These dimensions might include time, physicality (for aesthetics), the conscious state, unconscious and subconscious states, singularity (apart from everything), unity (one with everything), different ethereal substance or harmonic laws, through degrees intention, emotion or thought, dualism, karma, or other imagined or unimagined forces.

{No two snow flakes are alike. No two identical thoughts are required (or desired) by creation! Infinite scope in variability of thought and action is desired (it's designed this way). This makes life interesting, mysterious and exciting! It's how we learn! Creation did not make us all the same! Why would creation want to know itself twice in anyway?}

by Douglas Newsom

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October 21st, 2005 {Edited 4-5-2011}

INSIGHT: Be thankful for Duality, without which you'd be a Dummy!

Recently, a lady asked me the following question, “What can I do? My husband has joint custody of our children, and he’s not a kind, caring, or loving person!”

Reply, “Your children will be stronger and wiser as a result of their situation. They will value kindness, care and love more in life, because they live in a situation which provides the opposite of those qualities.”

Duality let’s us experience both sides of situation, without which we would not be able to learn why one experience is better than the other.

When a wish, a life long dream, finally comes true, it’s immensely satisfying, but if all of your wishes came true, all the time, what would eventually happen? Answer, you’d stop wishing, because the outcome would have no value to you (on an appreciatory level).

Remember this when you see the world facing challenges!

{Money holds no allegiance. If our system, as it is, does not allow for wealth creation, our money dies. Money will go anywhere it sees a profit. It will not stay aligned with a govt or a person that cannot facilitate its growth. Ironically, the US, giving money away to bankers, with the understanding that they will, in the long run, ultimately do what's best for US. interests, is naive! Money doesn't give a damn! The idea that a company, an entity without a soul, cares, is ridiculous. What's more worrisome, a company entity has nearly the same rights as a human being, yet it, like money, holds no allegiance. In aligning ourselves with powerful companies, banks and trillionairs, with soul-less entities, we become aligned with there interests, and there interests are singular in notion, make more money. This leads us all down a path toward an increasingly alienating environment. In this world, greed and might are made to seem right, power is granted prestige, and capital holders increasingly define law.

On a polar perspective, this could be thought of as a normalizing event. If we go down, others go up! Capital must go somewhere! Capital will not remain in some stock-pile. Most people witness the capital only going to banks - or to the top 1% of the population, but rest assured, it must grow, and therefor it will go elsewhere, it will go to buy cheap labor. It will go to countries where it can exploit resources. It will go everywhere it can! In this way, labor costs go up for others that may need their wages to rise. It will lead to further development of other countries. It will give other nations around the globe the ability to have a few of the luxuries we take for granted every day, assuming we don't put a dictator in charge!}

by Douglas Newsom

October 17th, 2005 {Edited 3-25-2011}

INSIGHT: The power of a Question!

Those you 'think’ you have to fight are just manifestations, one's you should ignore and always forgive. That is the reason for their significance! They are a gift in the form of a situation, asked for by yourself to yourself, so you can understand and experience in a more complete way!
Don’t look to grow (sow) seeds of negativity, fear, or war when in witness of evil. Confrontation and justification for such action only leads to more of the same!

You can only win a war against the dark using principles of light (love)! If you do otherwise, you perpetuate the war!

{When you're really upset, pose a question. It may slow you down enough to - tune you in - turning a negative into a positive! Great teachers pose great questions! They do not provide great answers! Spiritual Masters in eastern cultures teach in this way! They know it is more important for you to figure out what you think! Most important!

Eliminate the confusion! Ask a Question! This works even better when you're sharing angry words with another (pose a question?)!

And learn something!}

by Douglas Newsom

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October 16th, 2005 {Edited 3-24-2011}

INSIGHT: Thinking and feeling during the repetition of simple prayer!

How do we pray? By rote? With mechanical routine?

How do we give thanks? By repetition of lines?

How do we talk to God? Really talk to God?

Do you think it matters? Is this a dumb question?

God hears you! Talk with God! Really talk with God!

{Repetition should be for a feeling affect, not conversation!
Now I
I find myself in the dark this day. Lights are out.
The wind I've noticed I haven't noticed. Interesting.
What was I working on in the moments then?
I'm here! How ridiculous though, I'd not yet thought to feel.
I reflect.
Yet, I'd not thought to feel. How ridiculous.
In this beautiful moment now
I am

by Douglas Newsom

October 14, 2005 {Edited 3-23-2011}

INSIGHT: Bending the fabric of time to points within our mind can be fun!

What is the fastest distance between two points? Seems obvious yes?

(Through every birth, there is new awareness and application! And each time, beautiful and renewed, you radiate outward forever expanding, to be felt everywhere!)

… both at the same time! Expand and retract, like explosions and vacuums!)

Get a piece of Paper. Fold it in half. Put a pin hole through the middle of the page (or an ink ‘dot’ on both sides, opposite each other).

What is the fastest distance between two points?

Unfold the paper!

Answer: A DOT! (Imagine bending the fabric of time in this manner).

Many call these worm holes!

{If have one wish for humanity! Only One! I wish that every soul on this planet had a moment, an undeniable connection, with Source (with God, with creation, with all of consciousness).

I've experienced just such an event! Now, I don't worry about death! I don't worry about illness. I don't worry about poverty. (I may worry a little, but infinitely less than before). I don't see negative experiences as inherently bad! I have become an observer of my own life and thoughts (and yours). I grow daily in loving kindness. I am less judgmental. Yes, I share a lot of news (good and bad), but I see myself learning something valuable from all thought and experience. I wish you all would see events and information, thought and activity in this way.

I often muse, the worse the experience, the more beautiful I will learn to become!

I realize when times are tough, and during hard times of change, during moments when despair or fear grip me, that something beyond this reality exists, and I am connected to it. I know this for certain! I know this without a doubt! And this centers me! There is no question to answer! There is no whole in my chest, or a sense of lack! There is no sense that there is something or someone missing in my life that can complete me!

I pray often that you experience this, that a hundredth monkey dynamic occurs, which manifests this connection within you, within everyone (given no effort on your part). This could happen in your bathroom, your bedroom, while eating, while working, or while doing anything, at any moment in your life, unexpectedly!

It happened to me while towel drying myself after a shower!

You should know, a reality exists where we feel absolute love, forgiveness, awareness and wholeness. I want you to be shown this! Somewhere, Somehow, in part or in whole, you will be connected with something more beautiful and understanding, more infinite and loving, than you have yet experienced in this life time.

And it it will be so!}

by Douglas Newsom

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October 13, 2005 {Edited 3-11-2011}

INSIGHT: Loving is an act of kind giving of oneself, ones thoughts or actions (in a time based reality)!

When you need to feel love… Hug the Creator! Imagine yourself standing in front of yourself. Imagine this person (Being) infinitely larger than yourself; an identical replica, only bigger. Now imagine yourself hugging yourself; your larger self joining and bonding with your smaller self. Imagine being embraced in an act of unconditional love (love shown yourself from your infinitely larger self). And go as deep as you can with this feeling! This is the Creator; yourself at your most high; a point where there is no distinction between parts, no separation, because all your parts are one.

{When you are in need of love, but in that moment, share more of your love instead, you can actually escape the sense of loss, or negativity or other mental predicament, and create a higher sense of well-being, connection, and union with Creation.

Sometime an elderly person who finds life not worth living, or feels a loss of love or a disconnect from life, can be introduced to a dog or cat, and over time, as a result of the love and care they then must share with the animal, lest it dies, they actually improve their health. They get better!

Sometimes sharing more of your love with others, loving others more, teaches us how to love ourselves more! This can be difficult when love is not reciprocated, or when love is shown but a demand is placed upon its giving or receipt (a chain is imposed on some level of a person's being, resulting in a negative expectation).

I once knew a lady who didn't know the value of a hug! She didn't know what love felt like! Her father had never showed her love! Never said I love you! And as a result, a loving touch made her feel awkward and defensive. Love to her meant you wanted something from her! It was a word and nothing more! Indeed, it rolled off her lips with practiced ease (and often)! The word was a tool to get what she wanted, and nothing more! There was no positive definition or feeling associated with the word, only a cold reality that something could be gained by giving it verbally!

If you can give love without expectation, without the idea that God somehow favors you for giving it, or the notion that you may benefit as a result, then you will have loved indeed!}

by Douglas Newsom

October 13th, 2005 {Edited 3-9-2011}

INSIGHT: The words of Creation!

It doesn’t say anywhere, as a tenant of some higher dictate, “thou must work to have value.”

Do you feel guilty if you don’t accomplish things, anything, past, present or future in your life?

It doesn’t say anywhere, as a tenant of some higher dictate, “thou must punish thyself, in any way.”

Do you feel guilt for any reason, whatsoever?


Creation has something to say!

“Because nobody told you the truth, every time; you are perfect!

Don’t forget where you came from; it’s exactly what you are!

There can be only one; you, infinitely larger than you know yourself at this time!

When you remember who you are, your love will embrace a greater part; More of yourself!

Love is fundamental; it’s the highest order of expression! Love everything!

By my loving you, I love myself! Love all others as I do! It’s the bigger part of you!”

{Don't give me a person with the “right” point of view! Give me a person with a thousand points of view. What's right is subjective! What's right for one, may not be right for another! What's right is often an opinion! Thus, a man with a thousand points of view, is in my opinion, more valuable!}

by Douglas Newsom

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October 12th, 2005 {Edited 3-4-2011}

INSIGHT: Forgiving others is an act of loving others more, not loving yourself less!

Each night, before you go to bed, reflect upon the past; on a moment in time when your thoughts and/or actions turned ugly, and the outcome was anger for another person, or some other lower emotion. Think back on these moments and FORGIVE the person or people that caused you to feel this way, and then forgive yourself. Finally, send a thought of love to those involved! This is the path to enlightenment! One needs to forgive to transcend the limitations of time, and do so with love!

{I response to my last email, a fine gentleman wrote a response. And I think it is important enough to share!

“I am disagreeing with your 11th Commandment... here’s why... Loving others more than yourself sounds good until you think about it. How humble...how noble. There is the idea that we can only give what we already have inside us. Life is kind of like an equation...what’s in is what’s out. You cannot give what you don’t have. Likely all of us have experienced a relationship in which someone could not love us because they didn’t love themselves or vice verse. Love others more than ourselves? Doesn’t make sense to me! It puts us into a second class relationship with others, always being self sacrificing...in my opinion that is guaranteed to lead to a broken heart and depression. It is simply unhealthy mentally, emotionally and physically. We do not need to be less in any area in how we think about others. Maybe you meant...love others as much as you love yourself. That’s not so much a position of ego as it is appreciation and acceptance. Do you feel better if someone says they love you but they love themselves less? I read many of your posts and I don’t think that is your intent, but I could be wrong. Care to clarify?"

On many levels I agree with his point!

Looking back upon my writing, I reflected upon the intent of my words, which I should clarify....

In the statement, The 11th Commandment “Thou shalt learn to love others more than thyself.” I phrased it so the word LEARN was important! It indicates a lesson! A lesson in seeing others more beautifully.

Creation (God for me), is the larger part of myself. In this way, loving all of creation, is in a way, MORE of myself; larger in scope and physicality; more of my physical/non physical self at a higher level.

I absolutely agree, loving others should be equal to the love you have for yourself! Balance is desired! However, I feel ultimately, those who sacrifice themselves in this way, more for the well-being of everything around them, will in the end, learn more about love than those who do not! Even if what is learned is, more a loss of love, or a one sided sense of love (something is being learned).

Love yourself or any part of your larger self, should not come with expectations! Loving others with deep significance, even at the expense of self-reward, or some desired outcome, is a noble quality of the highest order.

In the end, you can empower yourself by giving love freely, or chain yourself. Loving the wrong person can indeed be catastrophic. How you love, how you define love, and how you perceive love is different for each of us! Due to the nature of this fact, each person will find a different way of thinking about the 11th Commandment!}

by Douglas Newsom

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October 10th, 2005 {Edited 3-3-2011}

INSIGHT: The 11th Commandment “Thou shalt learn to love others more than thyself"

Often, we move so fast through-out the day, we forget to notice some of the most important things; like the sound of the rain; the smell of the grass; the beauty of the stars; the whisper of the winds; the laughter of a child.

When you go to sleep tonight, relax and remember those beautiful moments. As it is within, it is on the outside! They are a part of you! They reside within you! And each thought upon, is a catalyst to their creation!

{At some point, we will be capable of destroying a planet, a solar system, or perhaps even disturb a galaxy in such a way, as to destroy or alter it. It is within our grasp to accomplish this, someday!

What does this make you worry about?

My first impulse is to worry about human nature. Our destructive capability! Our possible negative impact on other worlds. Not the the potential destructive capability of other civilizations upon our own world.

Why? Am I naive to think this way?

It is my first impulse to think about my impact upon all life!

The 11th commandment, “Thou shalt learn to love others more than the thyself! To love in entirety, other living things, more than thyself." For without this practice, no good will come.}

by Douglas Newsom

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October 6th, 2005 {Edited 3-2-2011}

INSIGHT: Bonding with Creation is more Harmonies than Bonding with an Angel!

Can you think of people in history who were filled with so much love that their mere presence could positively affect the most hennas of individuals? People with such inner beauty that their gaze somehow penetrated the core of even the most hardened of individuals, and left them tears of joy in witness of love! Their strength, their compassion, their love and their wisdom came from one source! These beings of enlightenment are loved and remembered by everyone, from every walk of life; Jesus, Gandhi, Buddha, Krishna, Mother Teresa, and others! I pray to be more like these beautiful souls every day!

In a moment of prayer, reach out with your thoughts to embrace the essence which defines the actions and purposes of these beautiful souls. The essence is love! Love is everywhere, residing in everything, and will flow into your heart if only you’ll ask for it!

{It could be claimed that many great personae (mentioned above) did not exist, and were created, as thoughts would be to paper, and as simply as a tale retold and forged, mindfully with words, by sagas wishing to embody great ideals within great personae, and had the ability to do so!

It matters not whether theses people lived or died, or did not live at all! They embodied something noble, arced toward higher principles of love, harmony and balance!

These people do not hold us in rapture, when their words are spoke! No, not they! (How could they) It is their words! It is the meaning, the power, and the profoundness in their words that holds us rapt!

But... When I pray, I do not pray to a deity, or an angel, or an energy being! I pray to the essence of all that is!}

by Douglas Newsom

October 5th, 2005 {Edited 2-27-2011}

INSIGHT: A quick exercise to experience a more beautiful state is profound!

Look around for a couple of seconds! What do you see? Don’t think! Thinking doesn’t help you see any better! Just be in the moment! Experience it!

Now close your eyes! Imagine being a star of pure love! Feel it! Imagine extending your tentacles of light out and around you, so everything is wrapped by your embrace! Imagine everything basking in your light; glowing, warming and excited by your touch.

Now open your eyes! How do you feel? (Better!)

{A simple exercise like this, taking less than a couple minutes of your time, although more may be forthcoming, is all that is needed to right yourself, in instances when you need a sense of balance, peace and harmony with the world around you. It places your mind and awareness in a more beautiful state for many moments, perhaps hours afterward.

Beyond the idea of prayer, this provides a deeper immersion into feelings and vibrations on a more unifying level! Beyond the physical self, love can be felt and received, and given!}

by Douglas Newsom

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September 29th, 2005 {Edited 2-24-2011}

INSIGHT: Truth marks a true avatar of consciousness!

Truth is something that you cannot runaway from! It is what it is, and marks the true avatar of consciousness!

Truth is a way to self awareness! Truth is a way to enlightenment! Truth is important because it gives the basis, the facts from which higher understanding can be extrapolated!

You know the truth! You cannot hide it from yourself, and ultimately you cannot hide it from that which exists outside yourself! Everything is recorded and transmitted through energy! All information is accessible through consciousness.

If truth is colored or denied, it is folly; it then becomes a (self) manipulation, a (self) distortion of light and love on a journey to self discovery!

Set yourself free! Start with the truth, and then forgive yourself!

{Truth in my mind, is subject to variability, but truth that embodies honest candor without deceit, without lies, is truth none-the-less (regardless of differences in opinion as to what that truth might be).

The most bitter I get, I get as the result of hearing lies. Liars! They tend to bother me the most! Forgiving this act, when in witness of its abuse, is daily. In most cases, truth is avoided to inflate ones own ego, to posture on pretense, like a peacock to the outside world.

Simple acts, like lying to avoid a phone conversation, or to avoid a confrontation, or to make yourself look better, or because it's easier or less time consuming, or because of other seemingly innocent reasons, are lies. They are lies pure and simple! And they tend to be overlooked!

The truth may be a hard. It may require more energy, more time, more love, more diplomacy and leave you at a disadvantage, but it's important!

Get used to the truth, because one day there won't be any lies to hide behind!}

by Douglas Newsom

September 28th, 2005 {Edited 2-22-2011}

INSIGHT: 5 minutes of giving is more profitable than 24 hours of working for profits

Spend a minute on a considerate act!

Whose life could you brighten today with a simple note of love, or a note of thanks, or even a note of recognition for something well done? It could be a loved one, a colleague, a coworker, a teacher, or a friend.

Keep the note short; perhaps one or two sentences (one is enough)!

“John, I just wanted to tell you how much I appreciate your hard work… Suzy, you are lovelier today than you’ve ever been… Dean, your smiles have a way of making the days more beautiful… Dad, you’re the greatest, and I just wanted to tell you that… Liz, thank you for thinking about the little things. I don't know where I'd be without you!”

Time spent cultivating a relationship, partnership or friendship, in this way, will foster greater satisfaction and well-being in your life than working strictly on tasks oriented on personal gain.

One or two minutes of time spent in this way, will garner more lasting rewards than a full day of work!

{Each day that goes by now, I am less judgmental. I recognize this fact more quickly when I am! I feel more connected to everything! The sense (or need) of seeing myself as right, or stronger, or more of any trait, for egoistic, self-centered reasons, is ridiculous. It's almost backwards in thought. It chains me, instead of release me! It's amazing I even thought this way, once!

The hardest thing for me, still, is to remain an observer when I witness anger or fear coming from others or when I witness ignorance or a lack of love. I tend to immediately judge these people (as somehow less than I would be under the circumstances). I even get upset, angry! But I am more aware now, and my thoughts never linger in this direction (almost unconsciously easy)!

It might seem odd, or unnatural in the beginning, to see another person as equal! As perfectly blessed! As unique and as necessary! As loved and as desired! As equal as you are in the eyes of your higher power! As a person that should get, and be given, every initial courtesy and kindness, afforded you (or desired by you). As a god-spirit that should be loved beyond any immediate perception that you may behold – beyond any measure!

This takes time... The rightness of it won't make sense right away, but when it does, it grows. Sooner or later this information will impact every moment of your life. It will infuse itself into your DNA!

You will feel like a kid again, because your eyes will bring to mind new impressions (perceptions) of the outside world without judgment. And the landscape is beautiful! It's mind blowing, especially when your illusions, your false sense of identity, security, and reasons for judgment are shattered, and you can truly see life in all its glory! You will see through the eyes of a child again!}

by Douglas Newsom

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September 26th, 2005 {Edited 2-21-2011}

INSIGHT: Not even the Creator sought to be alone!

We seek company; company within (a creator), on some higher level, and company without, other living things! It’s reasonable to assume, that is why others are a part of the equation. It is a manifest desire of creation to love more; deeper and infinitely!

Not even the Creator sought to be alone! Think on that, when next you meet a stranger, part of you that needs a hand!

We live to remember one perfect union, and in that union there is love!

{For me, seeing a human as totally bad, is almost impossible. I liken the more insecure, self serving people as animals without a clue, surviving on habit and baser instincts. They simple do not see (or feel) the bigger picture!

I like animals! I'm glad they exist! Even the more aggressive, nasty ones like the Wharf Rat! I see them for what they are, God's creation, less aware, and having a perfect role in existence. Why bother letting a Wharf Rat spoil your meal? Sooner or later, it too will die, and move on.

We were all born as takers from the moment we were born. We were born in need, and thus took (shelter, food, etc) from the environment around us. We will one day colonize the stars! It will happen! We will arrive at a planet! We will need resources to survive, and we will "take" liberties (even if its just the food, water, land and air we breath – essentials only)!

Why was it set up this way? Why were we born requiring the stuff to live from everything around us? Why were we born in need? Why were we born as takers – from day one?

Perhaps so other things can learn to give! Can learn to harmonize! Can learn there is more to life than the thought of owning, or the pain in losing, almost anything!}

by Douglas Newsom


September 25th, 2005 {Edited 2-19-2011}

INSIGHT: Love is the Creator, because no other word will do!

Love is the highest order of Consciousness, in the highest dimensions, in the highest ascension of singularity. Love is the Creator, because no other word will do! It is this complete love that is all kindness and all compassion, all grace and all blessings, all forgiveness and all parenting, that makes-up all parts of you!

And You are the reason for everything! Everything was made for you! You are loved that much! All of it, time, space, consciousness, the total sum of everything, every cause, every reason, all of creation, from beginning to end, and again, was made for you!

Be thankful for existence! Rejoice and enjoy this eternal moment! Then send a prayer of thanks! Send a thought of love to everything that is.

{As a youth, I grew up working at a young age! At the age of 10, I worked as a berry picker for strawberry, raspberry and blueberry farms during the summers. I did many things to earn a buck. I even sold worms! In still younger years, I earned my allowance cleaning my Mother's beautician shop, washing hair, taking care of shop customers, working outside, gardening, bailing hay, etc. Almost everything you can think of. Even in school, grades 4 and higher, I sold products door to door for school fund raising activities to get small prizes and cash awards! I have letters of recommendation by employers before I even reached the age of 15, that attested to my long work hours (12-16 hour days), my devoted work ethic, and my ability to complete tasks ahead of schedule (usually fairly physical tasks), and I loved it!

To the point, I could have chosen to view my life from many different perspectives, as a case for child abuse, as a kid thrust into the labor market at a tender age, as a victim of a monetary system gone awry and capital system abuse, etc.. (and you would have been affected).

The facts themselves remain the same, but the way the facts are self-perceived (accepted and understood) and then explained (projected onto others), is uniquely up to us.

As creators, we know life & understanding unfolds inside creation. So start creating - positive energy! Create some love!}

by Douglas Newsom


September 24th, 2005 {Edited 2-18-2011}

INSIGHT: Beings of Higher Awareness recognize equality and interdependency on a cosmic scale!

If you knew you were eternal, but felt you could not ascend into the higher realms of existence until all beings ascended, how would you treat (view) your neighbor, others, live in general?

Ultimately, you would have no sense of, ‘I’m better than someone else,’ because you’d see things for how they truly are, equally important, and utterly interdependent. You’d have no ego! You would express only your highest level of emotions within any given moment (love and compassion), or you probably wouldn’t desire to express an emotion.

Negative emotions induce hormonal responses that change us in negative ways. They change how we view & interact with a situation. This is equally true of positive emotions. But, if you run from a situation out of fear, the worst of emotional responses, you also deny yourself the ability to understand the situation for what it is, and let that part of yourself go! (the good stuff of course, you embrace)

{Just today I got a call, out of the blue, by a man requesting information that could help him psychically shield himself from bad energy! He appeared somewhat distraught!

I was very blunt in my response! I said, “You should not fear psychic energy! You should not fear change! You can't run away and expect to remain untouched! You're problem lies in your inability to separate your emotions from information. You must learn to be an observer and observe without fear!}

by Douglas Newsom

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September 22nd, 2005 {Edited 2-18-2011}

INSIGHT: The body is a gatherer and disseminator of information at a sub-atomic level!

Atoms, making up the cells in your body, have enough awareness, at some level, to collect and impart information via electromagnetic frequencies! Your body has this awareness! It knows when there is something wrong, and you can consciously access this information! Your body can tell you vibrationally yes and no answers (a gut feeling)! Note, what is right for you may not be right for another person. SEE Kinesiology for a related understanding!

{In the years to follow, I've read a great many things confirming the above understandings. One of the more interesting things I've read or seen on the science channel...

A laser beam of light aimed at a chicken, and thereafter beaming into a pregnant duck, will change the makeup of the baby duck inside the womb. When the egg hatches, it will look more like a chicken. (intensity, duration, and frequency of the beam will probably all impact the outcome to varying degree). Information on a beam of energy, in similar methodology to information (noise/data) focused /imparted through a telephone line.

Your body is basically one big antenna for, storage unit and emitter of, frequencies carrying and sharing information, within the invisible (and visible) spectrum of all this is.}

by Douglas Newsom


September 21st, 2005 {Edited 2-17-2011}

INSIGHT: The Sound of Silence! The Sound of Consciousness!

Is there a sound of silence masters & mystics refer to? Yes! But, it has a sound! A frequency of very high pitch! Imagine the sound you’d hear coming from the inside of a jet, when you’re seated next to the engine just before it took off (only higher); the sound a power plant might make, humming from transformers and electrical currents (only higher).

Do you hear it! It’s humming (vibrating)! It’s at an extremely high pitch!

This is the sound of Consciousness! It is a vibrating world of information delivered to the mind/body through electromagnetic frequencies, not just the mind, but to every cell within the body (See Kinesiology for a related understanding).

This is the sound often referred to as, “the sound of silence!” Close your eyes, and see if you can sense it (hear it) (that sound) in the back of your head! IT’S THERE!

{This sound, once identified, can become as noticeable as a rushing river. You will notice the intensity change! Some days it will sound amplified, 10 times more apparent, especially outdoors or, as I've noticed, around people with greater identification with their spirit energy.

The best way to describe this noise is to imagine high pitch energy, higher than the most sensitive audio equipment will ever hear. This sound can be used in meditation. It can also be used in conjunction with vibratory sensations (to elevate the feeling or energy participation). It's a method by which we can, more easily, attain silence within the mind. Add to this, it's almost perfect accompaniment to any vibratory feeling, and you have a beautiful tool to assist you in your meditations.}

by Douglas Newsom

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September 21st, 2005 {Edited 2-16-2011}

INSIGHT: Force is unnecessary when you understand your true power!

Humankind is awakening, to a resonating, an emancipation of power without force! Do we harmonize with upward glissando, frequencies, and then be still? We do, and a butterfly emerges!

POWER IS! It resides within you! Force is an exertion of effort, causing reactions in a world of effects. Power always wins over Force! Force is applied! Power just is! You are power! Your thoughts are the force! Power can never be given! Power is permanent! Force is the catalyst to cause and affect! Power is unchanging, ever present and is the only constant of the two.

Force is unnecessary when you understand your true power!

{More I would not dare to add to this... it's important to take in, fully, and appreciate deeply!}

by Douglas Newsom


September 20th, 2005 {Edited 2-15-2011}

INSIGHT: Books with higher purpose and beautiful intent can change us in beautiful ways..

Books with conscious intent!

- Disappearance of the Universe, by Gary Renard
- A Course in Miracles, by J
- Power vs Force, by David Hawkins, M.D., Ph.D
- Ask and It Is Given, Esther & Jerry Hicks
- The Power of Intention, Dr. Wayne Dyer

Books with higher purpose and beautiful intent will change you! You will feel the power in the messages because they will resonate within you, and then they’ll wake you up!

{Aha moments from great works should be abundant! You resonate with the information, probably because you already know the information, on some level. These moments remind us of things we want to remember (never to forget)! Things we feel good about hearing! And often, right on time!}

by Douglas Newsom

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September 14th, 2005 {Edited 2-15-2011}

INSIGHT: Meditation techniques (there is no wrong way or one right way)!

- Relax through breathing
- Imagine a beam of light coming into your head, or heart, etc.
- Look deep as you can into an imaginary black hole
- Imagine atoms, mist or fumes gently falling from above and descending into your body
- Listen to a hum, buzz, or faint nose in the air
- Feel emotions as deep as you can
- Talk to yourself, God, an angel, or any aspect of your higher self
- Relax within an imaginary destination
- Imagine being a magnet drawing energy from everything
- Push your thoughts, energies to different areas in and throughout the mind
- Project your mind, your awareness, above your head

You will find it gets easier to visualize and imagine things the more your practice!

{Exercise is another technique! Though this may be hard to imagine, through repetitive Physical Acts!

Twice, as a youth, I experienced higher levels of awareness, directly resulting from intense hours of physical exertion. I was in extremely good shape and I liked a challenge.

One evening, while working for a local canary, after 12 hours of brutal barrel rolling and stacking, and manual berry flat dumping onto conveyor belts, my body lost all sense of its physical self. I became a set of eyeballs in the wind. I was there, but totally disconnected from my body. I will still performing the same physical activity, but I couldn't feel a thing! It felt fantastic! I was elated! It was unforgettable! And this sense of being lasted a few minutes.

The exact same experience was felt while running, twice that I can remember. I lost all sense of connection with a body. I became aware in a different way. I became an observer! More aware! I did not have to deal with lower thoughts, aches or pains, or balance, or anything related to the physical world. The feeling of flying, moving forward physically with no thought, sensing and feeling the wind for all its vibratory characteristics, while in an acute state of higher awareness, is exhilarating.

These events occurred a few more times in my life, while I was pushing my body to physical extremes. I knew the experience was possible, and so I tried to duplicate it often! I wanted to experience this feeling again and again, but it was rare for me, and it all happened long ago! Now I only experience these events in my dreams or while in a quiet state of relaxation.}

by Douglas Newsom


September 13th, 2005 {Edited 2-14-2011}

INSIGHT: If you do not love another human being, then you do not love all parts of yourself.

In everyone there exists an infinite number of beings; infinitely higher in love and infinitely lower in fear. Each aspect of you is within you! When you call upon an Angel, or archangel, or any other entity, you call upon that part of yourself that you wish to identify with!

Call upon your Higher-Self to guide you!

Your higher self will always be there to comfort you, because it is a part of you! Your higher self embodies more of those aspects that are loving, compassionate and beautiful. When you envision GOD, GOD is that personification of the highest you? Our higher self touches every soul, every plant, and every rock (everything) that is, because that which is, is us, at all times!

Higher beings love, in entirety, all that is!

If you do not love one part of yourself, i.e., another human being, then you do not love all parts of yourself. Expect to be taught this fact by yourself, through repeated karmic lessons created by your higher self.

{Many times I've read what I've wrote, and think, was I wrong! Were my statements, my insights too far reaching. Why was I so darn sure that what flowed from my mind weeks after my kundalini was correct?

Between those years and now, I am far less a judge, and far more an observer of the world. I realize infinite pathways can exist. They are created and brought to life through your participation with everything! There is no singular way. Indeed, now I can openly argue the merits on, or see the logic in, or understand the rational behind almost every point of view, because I am now open to the idea of 360 degrees of information, without judgment. I take it all in, and don't block anything out! Now I recognize different environments, life events, people, cultures, status, wealth (and about 7-8 billion other reasons, basically the population on the globe) can affect change, embody choice, can affect logic, can affect everything – will, and have a perfect purpose!

So, I repeat, why was I so darn sure?

I recognized (instantly) that you are me and that at some level I could identify with you exclusively, and learn from that. I could learn from everything that exists. At still higher levels of awareness, there is felt a more intimate connection, we are more connected, yet I am also more aware of our individual parts and can direct my energies better. There is a higher resonating connection to those parts, stronger than we currently experience. I can also identify with more of my parts simultaneously (parts I wouldn't want to control).

Having had the experience I did, one thing was abundantly clear! We are far more linked than what you learn about, read about, or realize, ... We are, at a highest level, One (and this does not mean you lose “yourself” – you actually find your fuller self).}

by Douglas Newsom

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September 12th, 2005 {Edited 2-13-2011}

INSIGHT: Meditation is a Gateway to Awareness & Higher Consciousness

The soul needs inner reflection. The calling of all that IS, I(s), is calling from the dimension only reached within the mind (prayer is one small example of a mediation).

Prayer was actually intended to mean, a quiet time for reflection within the mind! That is where the wise men tred and go’ed.

What’s amazing is, the more you meditate, the less you need, the more you get, the less you care, the more you're there…

Meditation is the pathway to awareness! To more doorways! Take time to be in the mind, and unwind!

{Last night I went to bed thinking about the bad things directly impacting my world, which were hitting closer to home on levels more individually damaging than those perceived on global levels. In all cases, the worry was about other people doing the right thing in the face of self-gain.

These are difficult things to think upon in friendly terms, but on a purely observational level, one with higher understanding, I could recognize my role and my importance (on a higher level)! This understanding was capable of helping me let go of my human right (my desire) to benefit from my efforts (my life's work) in a physical way!

I saw myself as a vessel being steered in the right direction, regardless of the outcome (regardless of the lack of remuneration, the loss of time, energy, money and even relationships), as if the outcome was desired by a higher power. Payment was received in the heart.

So I let go completely!

Try it! Let go of the bad with love!

-hours later I continue-
I thought of the military complex, and wondered why an organization creates a tool like the Internet, a tool of liberty, knowledge and dialogue in the highest context, which can ultimately have a negative impact on it's own well-being. And I realized, it was an organic development stemming from the will and awakening of the people. Then I looked upon the landscape in the Middle East, and realized, the systems (the people) they helped create, and now instigate and try to direct, may have created events beyond their ability to fully appreciate, especially in the long term, regardless of how it appears, at odds with, or seemingly desired by 'them'.

In the end, humanity is becoming ever more connected and aware.

“Someone is playing games with me!” The first sign of awareness is...?}

by Douglas Newsom


September 8th, 2005 {Edited 2-9-2011}

INSIGHT: Change the way you interact with each moment by projecting love!

When you move to the next moment, do you project within that next moment how your entrance into that experience will improve the demeanor of those you come in contact with? Do you see yourself showing smiles and projecting love to a person, to an event, which will lift up-spirits? Can you picture the next moment with love, love coming from everyone’s eyes and beaming into your heart, and a glow to everyone’s inner being? This is a way to see the next moment, the future (every future scenario before it comes to pass)! Change the way you interact with each moment by projecting love!

If you can project LOVE into the moment, without expectation of outcome, and feel good giving it, you will be amazed how many smiles you’ll get, how many beautiful surprises will occur.

Yesterday I went to the post office! I didn’t have enough money for postage, nor the key to PO box, but the clerk happily offered to pay for my stamps and get my mail before I even had time to mention anything (I had no key and I had no ID)! This was one of many beautiful moments that resulted, to my delight (driving to the post office was a two hour round-trip).

How often do you think of love during the day? Honestly, how often?

{Shortly after my kundalini experience, I was visited once again by Alice (the energy being that looked similar in appearance to the Brady Bunch housekeeper). I remember being a little saddened, because these energy beings never said a word to me. I could see them, but I couldn't hear them. And I wondered why.

Each night before sleep, I would attempt to meditate on sounds, either in my head or coming from somewhere else. But nothing ever occurred. I was either incapable of hearing them or they simply did not desire to communicate with me in this fashion. This of course, did not lead to any answers (and I was full of questions). I could think of nothing more advantages then a spiritual being talking to me and giving me insight and information.

Then one day, Alice showed up next to me. I was near my computer! She was standing to my right. At this point, I began talking to her (as I did regularly with the others), but I had no expectations of hearing anything. Normally, while dreaming, or while meditating, I never heard a sound; not in my head and not from some other source. But this time was different.

An idea popped into my head, a desire to call my twin brother Donald, and speak to him regarding some of the strange events that were occurring. Donald lived about 45 minutes from my home.

Donald and I spoke for a minute, and then I heard this strange noise. It sounded like the noise made when you put your tongue to the bottom of your mouth, and pull it backwards. The suction from this act produces a clucking sound. I immediately looked around the room to see if something was making the noise, and that's when I noticed Alice to my right. Alice then immediately disappeared, yet the sound continued.

“Don, can you hear that?” I asked. And to my surprise he said, “I hear a sound like a clucking.” Don then proceeded to make the same sound he was hearing. This stunned me, and him! He could not identify where the sound was coming from, but he was definitely hearing it. Moments later I heard another sound, like a mosquito buzzing in my ear. It was loud and obvious, and I actually thought I was being drawn of blood from some bugger and began smacking my ear to rid myself of this supposed pest, but nothing changed. The sound continued!

“Don, can you hear that?” I asked again, all the while thinking he probably wouldn't! “Yes!” He replied. “It sounds like a mosquito!” This of course, was obviously an attempt by an energy being to validate what I was hearing, by projecting the sound to my brother's ears! I was elated. But like all fantastic events, I wanted more proof, especially for my brother! I wanted (needed) him to experience some of what I was going through. I needed him to believe what was occurring to me was actually occurring (so would you)!

A few more minutes passed and then I mentally requested that this energy being, which I could not see at this time, but which was obviously entertaining my heart-felt desires, interact on a more physical level with me and my brother (sound was one thing, physical touch is another). Then I began to feel something very fuzzy, like a vibration with pressure on my right wrist.

“Don, do you feel that?” I figured that if he heard what I was hearing he would also feel what I was feeling. I certainly hoped so!

“Something is touching me on the wrist!” He replied, as the energy/feeling began rising up my right arm and shoulder. Don reacted by telling me everything he was feeling and experiencing, which was identical for the both of us.

This is the only validation with another person, I was ever giving. Thankfully, it was given to the one person I wanted to experience this with, my twin brother.

To this day, I wonder why they made the noises they did! They could have simply said hello. My name is so and so...}

by Douglas Newsom

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September 7th, 2005 {Edited 2-6-2011}

INSIGHT: You have to go through levels of self awareness before you can become AWARE!

Every soul is a beautiful expression of love! And you are simply here to experience! But unless you go deeper, you won’t touch that part of yourself that wants to experience life in a deeper way. Life is given true beauty, its highest level of significance by thought of love! To experience life in a deeper way, you need to let go of the past, be in the moment, and know with utter trust, in giddy abandonment of worry, work, or emotional attachments to anything, you are an expression of the infinite.

Imagine yourself, standing in front of yourself, giving yourself a big hug! How long did that hug last? How deep did you feel it within your heart? How strong was the feeling of love?

Now enhance those feelings by making the hug last longer, or by making it feel more compassionate, or by abandoning all other thought, to that single expression of love.

Use your imagination to go deeper! Go deeper into your imagination! Spend time reflecting. Spend time with yourself! That is how you wake yourself up!

You have to go through levels of self awareness before you can become AWARE! Go through the process. Think upon your past. Forgive and forget. And go deeper!

{A few days after my kundalini experience, I began meditating on (imagining) energy swirling around my head. It looked like purple smoke (or clouds) swirling around a dark hole, forming a vortex. In the middle was total darkness (imagine being in a black hole at the center of the galaxy).

I felt compelled for some reason, to try and project my consciousness into this black hole, surrounded by a purple swirling energy, to find out what was within it, or where it led, or more significantly, what was on the other side. So I plunged my imagination into the darkness, stretching the limits of my imagination, going as deep and as far as I could into this hole of darkness, this complete absence of everything, except a notion (or feeling) that I was traveling/moving into this black hole, almost as if in an attempt to get lost inside the darkness, and go beyond it (something was beyond it).

I'm not sure how long this journey took! It felt like a few minutes but could easily have been far more. And then 3 objects appeared, one after the other, out of nowhere. Each object was shown to me in a 3-D image, and I could see every aspect of each object depicted with super human (super conscious) clarity; with 360 degrees of rotation and scalability, with better than 20/20 vision. Just imagine being in a dark room, with a holographic projection of an image at the center, being viewed by you in every size, in every direction, all at once (this is hard to imagine and explain).

The objects themselves were nothing special. They included a winter sweater, a kitchen table cover and a baking glove.

These objects, to my good fortune, made some sense to me the next day when I spoke with Eva Herr (a lady I write about in an earlier journal note). I was excited, and so I told her about the objects in detail. She told me those objects were in use by her the next morning, except the sweater, which belonged to a friend that recently stopped by for a visit. What's interesting to note, she lived a few states from me! I'd never been to her home before! We only recently became acquainted over the phone!

Why I saw these particular objects, I do not know. I would imagine Eva was energetically connected to me, given her extremely high level of spiritual awareness. She was also in my thoughts often during that time. Eva was the only person I knew who could relate to what was happening to me. I didn't know anyone else who spoke about such things. Besides, after our first initial conversation together, within 24 hours, I had my kundalini. Coincidence or not, she was the perfect person to talk with.

Eva told me, it was a remote viewing experience. To this day I have not tried to duplicate this event (remote view). Given the nature of the objects I saw, I could not see the practical value in remote viewing.

In time, I simply took it as another example of what was possible, albeit strangely difficult to duplicate and seemingly fantastic (unusual and unheard of). Each awareness event left me feeling grateful (life was more like Disneyland than I initially thought).}

by Douglas Newsom

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September 5th, 2005 {Edited 2-4-2011}

INSIGHT: There is “NO SUCH THING” as a bad person, only perfect beings in a state of confusion!

Would you spend your entire life helping just one person? Would you consider it a waist of time if the person you were saving was (JUDGED) as BAD? Do you know ANYONE in the world you would call BAD? Are they worth your thoughts? If you were accosted by people with ill intent, would you wish them well, or wish them harm? When would be a good time, or the right time, for a kind thought, at a distance (when you are not there), at a different time (when you are not there to be accosted)?

If you feel they are not worth your thoughts, do not think of them at all!

Life is precious! Don’t think of another being as bad! It only adds to your karmic lessons – lessons to and from yourself!

Most of us have spent a great portion of our lives helping JUST ONE person, like a brother, or lover, or family member! We should also be willing to do this for STRANGERS!!! They are family, with deeper ties to you and eye than the eye and mind beholds!

There is “NO SUCH THING” as a bad person. There are only perfect beings in a state of confusion! SEE THEM THIS WAY!! By thinking this way, you allow them to see themselves in a better way! DON’T worry about the outcome! Don’t worry about the idea that what you are doing will only lead to more bad (which it will if you think it will), but ascribe to the idea that your higher thoughts will create more goodwill and harmony (and good karma), which will ultimately be more favorable for both parties!

HIGHER THOUGHTS are BLESSINGS (GIFTS) of good will. A kind thought is more powerful than an atom bomb! I’d rather give love than gold. It’s far more precious and more powerful! USE the tools you have, YOUR THOUGHTS & YOUR LOVE!

BY Changing JUST ONE person’s life, YOU CHANGE THE WORLD! And you can do this by thought alone!

{People have written, that after a kundalini experience, you go crazy, or a great majority of people will go crazy if they do not control the flow of energy through the body.

When I was a boy, I remember reading one book on a yogi that attained enlightenment through a kundalini after 20 years of dedicated meditation and disciplined work on his mental, emotional and physical self, in preparation for the event. He spoke often of the challenges of not moving the energy from the groin area to the top of the spine correctly, and the resulting insanity that ensued. This story still lingers with me...

I believe that this event could cause insanity, but not as a result of the lack of controlling the flow of energy up the spine, but rather as a result of not being able to live with the new found understanding (they can't accept the information or live with the knowledge).

Some people will experience complete opposition to what they know, how they've felt and what is important, because the building blocks of life (the meaning of their existence) is laid bare and this utterly changes things. This can result in shock, depression, and perhaps suicide and madness. It literally causes complete disruptions and changes in value associations, habits, friends, emotions, mental interests, everything... Each of these things singly can be of life changing significance, and represents a threat to an established reality. But, there is no going back once this occurs.

Don't fear the energy! Don't fear the information! Ultimately you know you're forgiven (we all are)! This is why near death experiences, even a kundalinis, have a life review component. You gain a lot from recognizing yourself (and the world) in more depth (and the relationship that exists). You also forgive yourself (and everyone) for everything – ever! This is a release component that is a part of most NDEs and kundalinis.

Withholding love and forgiveness from the self would be like withhold love from your own baby, because it's not smart enough to get a job and earn a living!}

by Douglas Newsom

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September 5th, 2005 {Edited 2-4-2011}

INSIGHT: Enlightenment (insight) comes in a flash. Understanding comes with application.

{A couple weeks after my kundalini experience I was regularly seeing shimmering glows of energy (faint, but noticeable, perhaps ¼ the intensity or less, of what you would imagine a hologram would look like). This energy would take the form of people, and nightly I would engage in random conversations, projecting my thoughts to a variety of visitors. A few appeared more often than others. Sometimes during the day, but usually at night! They appeared everywhere in my apartment. One would even engage me in the washroom, as if it was no big deal; this energy appeared female and looked like Alice on The Brady Bunch. They never spoke to me, except twice, at which times they could not be seen... Not even my twin brother knows the full story!

The following note was from my journal, written approx. a month after my experience!}

Something strange occurred in my life! I was made INSTANTLY aware! It was an event that occurred a few weeks ago!

It was a moment of ENLIGHTENMENT (the kind you read about)! I felt a burst of absolute love to infinity (joy and love beyond description). At the same time I felt sadness, humility and awareness of everything I’d ever done (and the freedom of forgiveness). To describe this, is impossible. Take in the full spectrum of emotions, amplify that a hundred times, and feel this while knowing absolute forgiveness and understanding for yourself!

What I know now, I could have NEVER read from books or other sources of knowledge! It is COMPLETELY contrary to what we know!

Most people find it difficult to understand me now! Communication is limited, because of the inadequacy of words to define higher principles of evolution, energy and inter connectivity my mind is engaging in.

Enlightened beings ABSOLUTELY UNDERSTAND the following!


BECOME AWARE! You need only thought to create. Thought comes first, than action. Thought is primary; in essence, it is the substance of creation. Imagination allows for liberation of thought without restriction to time, place or form. Everything is really a gift, even knowledge. Creating with knowledge is an expression. Exploration of knowledge is an unraveling of constructs to its bare essence. Enlightenment (insight) comes in a flash. Understanding comes with application. You cannot become enlightened by hard work or study. It is a gift! Pray for it!

{My enlightenment was instant, and did not feel like it was the result of my physical self, but more, a delivery of information by something that was far greater in conscious presence and power, and delivered to impact me at my physical core, to become a part of my atomic structure - the message was truth, beyond the idea of truth... It was perhaps from someone I will become, or something I will join with, or perhaps from all of creation!}

by Douglas Newsom


September 2nd, 2005 {Edited 2-2-2011}

INSIGHT: Get to know the One Voice within you!

Think thoughts of hope and love, not fear or hopelessness of being!

If you need to prepare for troubled times, troubled times will be.

If you need to make ready for an end, the end will surely come.

Your will commands all thoughts to its present form!

See Eden and Love as the outcome, without harm to that end!

Turn off the news and know you create from within!

I make ready for peace, love and our joining!

Where do your thoughts dwell?

There can be only one voice, not two! Don’t look for another in your dreams!

Don’t expect to hear the sound of another voice in your head!

You are the voice!

Creation does not exist apart from you.

If you speak, so do we all!

Trust in the voice you know is your own!

Don’t let fear stop you from asking yourself tough questions!

Running from answers by not asking yourself, what you, yourself, truly thinks about it, has caused you to run away from your own voice (habit)!

Trust in it!

If you know right from wrong, why not ask yourself, “What’s the answer self?”

You know the answers within!

Talk to yourself!

Become aware!

{Spiritual Awareness does not come from knowing the answers, it comes from knowing how you feel about the answers.

The only way you can know how you feel about the answers, is by asking yourself - preferably during mediation, when your thoughts are more present. During this time you have a higher level of association with your thoughts and the feelings that can and will result. Because your mind is not dealing with the daily barrage of lights, sounds, smells, events, etc, during the day, it can now slow down enough to open up to almost anything, or focus in on almost anything, easily and comfortably, with you at the helm.

Sometimes meditation involves doing the opposite; quieting the mind. I did both!

Questions lead to answers, which lead to feelings that can we can resonate with (make an association with) and grow from... You see, each feeling can be amplified! Just like sound can be amplified! Sometimes this results in feelings that are new (an amplification of feelings on the body can feel totally different, especially when the body begins to vibrate in connection to the feeling).

A heightened state of spiritual awareness also evolves and goes beyond feeling... This took me years! This is a state of total observation, clarity and connection! I have rarely reached this state of awareness! It almost defies description.}

by Douglas Newsom


September 1st, 2005 {Edited 2-1-2011}

INSIGHT: Meditation causes (Awakens) Awareness; higher Consciousness; focused imagination without limits!

You are boundless love and creativity, creating reality from thought! With an imagination that has no limits!

{Meditation for me always started in my imagination. I quieted the mind and began focusing on energy vibrations in the room (light waves of clouds faintly radiating; like transparent sheets in the wind) and then feeling the vibrations that the light gave off. The feeling I sought out in my imagination was love. I gained the most when I took this feeling in and imagined myself joining with everything, or when I opened up to divine inspiration and love, or when I felt as if I was projecting my love to everything! As I went into the feeling, it would become ever-more intense, and the imagined result became ever more real to my subconscious. An internal process was occurring, and it was changing me!}

I am at the beginning, AWARE, and I can ‘never’ go back!

Transcend imagination! Just imagine it!

{imagination can be heightened in mediation by incorporating feeling into the process}

Real is within you!

{Energy for me, felt fuzzy; positively charged. It made me feel somewhat light headed; like lying-down on a blanket of electricity}

Talk to yourself! Don’t think!

How quiet can you make yourself!

{Feeling is the key. Thoughts need not be recognized. You will talk to yourself. Don't worry about it! Pay attention to the feelings, the vibrations, and amplify them. And associate something to the process.}

Try projecting yourself forward.

{Your vibrations can be focused toward different hemispheres of the brain or body, this becomes increasingly more apparent over time. This may result in feelings of weightlessness, timelessness (and eventually do). You may resonate with the feeling so much so, the rest of the world becomes inconsequential, you don't even think about it! It doesn't even mater! You float inside a vibratory pool, feeling more connected and alive, until eventually you experience even higher levels of connectivity, oneness and awareness.}

IMAGINE (the key word here) what you really want, and then project thoughts of love, thoughts of higher being, warmth, goodwill or anything that you can imagine, outwardly! Love back! Fuel it!

Open up your heart, and let the love all around you in! Imagine it! Imagine, without a doubt, you are love, the force, the source everywhere! Feel it! From everywhere it will come!

You are feeling Love! And it won't ever judge you! This love is given to everyone in this world! Everything! Be silent as you draw it in! It manifests within you, in work and creative flow!

{The energy drawn in during meditation will result in more positivity, creativity and happiness in your daily life. Your creativity will flow more easily and spontaneously and you will feel more at peace and connected!}

by Douglas Newsom

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August 29th, 2005 {Edited 1-31-2011}

INSIGHT: Change Awareness by helping others access higher levels of consciousness!

Higher thought does not mean (imply) complicated thought! It means ‘aware thought!’

Aware thought is basic and liberating! It’s fundamental and purposeful in application! It is yours simply through ‘intent!’

Awareness connects us with information! It’s like linking into a collective infinite loving reservoir with all the answers.

Create the idea that you are everyday becoming more aware! Tell yourself this often, with the intent of it occurring!

Thoughts shape energy! Clearer thoughts, of a higher vibration, attract more light/love energy, and harness energy more harmonically, allowing for creation more easily.

INTENT; life/significance (the momentum to alter reality) by simply applying thought!

Sometime visualizing an idea works (give it life through your imagination). Sometimes giving it a beginning or an end helps (the idea being that based on some imaginative starting sequence, and the probability of a particular event occurring) the thought becomes more powerful (to you within a linear environment)! The nature of the imagined situation is probably best when it supports the overall outcome you intend (it’s more plausible to you, synergistic)! Just the idea that you took the time to think upon awareness to this degree (not smart time, just more time) is really all it takes! You don't have to be a genius, reader of great tombs, gifted, or anything other than what you are now to become more aware! It’s easy! Just say, “I am aware,” more often than you do now!

{Awareness increases as you take in everything around you in gaining understanding! Awareness increases when you recognize your energy affects on other energy. Awareness increases when you recognize your connection with everything. Awareness increases when you meditate.

One day, shorty after meditating, while playing with my min pin Nikki, an energy being became visible. To be accurate, it looked like a squid, dark greenish brown/black, about the size of three fingers, and was dropping down from the top of my ceiling toward me. Imagine a holographic image of a squid composed of darker energy too dense to see through, but extremely visible and apparent. I wasn't scared. I felt strangely excited. I felt that this energy was specifically here because it wanted to be here, and it wanted to interact!

As it slowly came toward me, I felt great anticipation. This was extremely unusual (impossible), and I felt extreme levels of thoughtfulness and deep thanks in almost every breathe. And then it dropped down on my left hand and wrapped its tentacles around my middle finger.

Imagine putting your finger in a light socket with 1/10th the amount of energy, enough so you can feel it, but not enough to harm you. This is the energy I felt and I was ecstatic, in recognition and appreciation that this could even be possible. My finger started turning the same deeper color green/brown as the squid, and over a few seconds my entire hand up to the elbow was surrounded by this energy. The energy also changed colors from dark brown to a greener/brown.

At this point my dog Nikki began to bark up a storm. I could sense that she was aware of this energy being on my hand. As I turned my attention toward Nikki, the energy being pulled itself away from my hand and started hovering in the middle of the room. Immediately my first thoughts were, can my dog bear whiteness to this event and assure me somehow that this event wasn't all stemming from a highly active imagination. So I mentally requested that the energy being touch my dog on the ear. And it did! And my dog reacted! Nikki began to twitch her ear furiously and shake her head in response. This fascinated me. so I began to give the energy being more mental commands to touch my dog on the tail, on the other ear, on the nose, etc... And away it went. For a good ten minutes we played with my dog. It was truly a sight to see, with my dog running around the room trying to shake the presence of this energy being following her around, and twitching whenever and wherever she was touched.

This was one of many encounters, each of which left me feeling like life, and this reality, was far more fantastic and interesting than anything we thought possible. It was as if fantasy and reality could merge and both could exist (and ultimately do)! This changed me! It would change you to!}

by Douglas Newsom

Nikki, Douglas Newsom's min pin girl dog

August 31st, 2005 {Edited 1-30-2011}

INSIGHT: Thought results in a physical impact upon other energy!

If you do not think it, there is no pledge to yourself, and none of your energy will go into its creation. It will not man’i’fest (fest translates as, ‘a pledge’ by definition).

To create intention, you need only think it. In some form it will manifest, but like a dream, it needs definition (internalization, abstraction, point of reference, origin, quality, etc) to bring it into focus. The more definition you give to your intentions the more likely they will occur as originally intended. But like a dream, they can be lost in a haze, because the mind did not (you did not) bring them into focus.

Those who accomplish their goals in life, see themselves there first!

{Do thoughts manipulate energy beyond the confines of the human body? This is an important question with far reaching implications! I believe thoughts produce (perhaps only simply direct) energy waves. These waves, like sound waves, vibrate on some level, and affect/stimulate us, and this in turn stimulates other waves (energy) all around us. The body, stimulated by the thought, vibrates (perhaps only slightly differently), and this vibration moves (or is carried) from you to the outside world, being felt (being impacted) by everything.

When I was a boy, my Father told me a story. He told me there were huge circular chambers/tunnels where atoms where being driven into a few feet of metal (my dad called a version of pig metal, a very hard metal), to create an explosion, so scientists could learn the various parts of an atom. Months later he told me that the metal could no longer stop the atoms, and instead of an explosion, the atoms simply went through the metal. Once one atom went through, they all went through. It no longer worked! They had to use something else. The atoms had learned to pass through the metal and, more interestingly, when one did it, they all did it, as if the information was passed on to them all instantly. The same experiments were being conducted in another location (thousands of miles away), and the results were immediately the same. It didn't work! Of course, as you can imagine, this story left an indelible mark on me! To this day I wonder if it is true...

We all know our vibrations can affect things around us, ie. water, plants, animals, people, etc. And we all know our vibrations are affected by our thoughts. Perhaps an overly simple explanation might be, our vibrations are recorded by energy passing through us, as the story above might suggest. And this in turn affects the energy around us. Perhaps we emit this energy outwardly, regardless of the direction of the wind (the atoms passing through us) they are felt in all directions, or simply in the direction of our attention! Regardless, the bottom line, our thoughts result in a physical impact upon other energy, on some level, apart from our physical selves. This understanding obliges us to become more aware of our thoughts.}

by Douglas Newsom


August 30th, 2005 {Edited 1-28-2011}

INSIGHT: BE AWARE of the coincidences!

I was listening to the TV while thinking about how to meditate more effectively, when I heard, “Don’t be talking to me while I’m talking to you!” A lady was talking about a conversation she was having with Jesus. Humor was obviously intended! I laughed out loud! The TV is rarely on!

This is an example of the power of intention! Your thoughts create coincidences that are meant for you in your conscious pursuit of insight, understanding, and awareness through affirmation!

{Your brain has the ability to visualize, sequence, and understand multiple events instantly.

Remember the movie Rain Man; the man who could could see and calculate all the toothpicks falling on a floor almost without thought, in literally no time?

Have you ever seen a picture made up of hundred of pictures; when you stand back from the picture (and see the picture in a different way) you see only one picture? I remember, being shown this shorty after my kundalini. I remember being surrounded by thousands of pictures, but before I was even shown this landscape of pictures, it dawned on me that I had instantly (and just previously) visualized all of them at once. Somehow, I'd just viewed instantly, each of them with the same intensity and clarity and had total recall. Normally, humanity cannot apply the same attention to two objects at once, let alone thousands. It struck me that, in viewing the entire collection as one picture I had in fact seen them all at once, and time wasn't necessary, because the larger picture contained with in it, all the pictures. I spent some time in that mental state marveling at the human mind, though I could never repeat the occurrence (even to this day). Most of the things I was shown, I was only shown once (for some reason). Now I absolutely know, our minds have this ability. And more...}

by Douglas Newsom

Founders of BBS Radio, Douglas Newsom, Donald Newsom and Seth Hendrick

August 29th, 2005 {Edited 1-25-2011}

INSIGHT: Thought is primary! Thought affects reality. You think first, then act!

Do you take in new information with the notion, prove it to me first? If you’ve never been to Africa, would you say that it exists? What proof of life is their beyond the molecular components of reality (i.e. atoms, protons, neutrons, electrons, quarks, gluons, etc.)

Many things that seemed impossible 20 or 30 years ago are now possible today.

What if you were told, your DNA renews, expands and improves when you think about love or some other positive emotion? What if the opposite were also true, your DNA shrinks, contorts, and regresses when you think about FEAR or some other negative emotion?

This is the nature of our reality, which is based on scientifically observable, measurable, and empirically tested data!

Be aware of your thoughts! You will find you live longer, live healthier and live more fulfilled.

{Your awareness of infinity, an infinitely vastly greater than Earth (and this dimension), recognizes that no physical thing is important. You don’t take it with you when you go (on) except the real you, however you define that!

I often think we live on as Spirit Energy, or perhaps as the opposite of Energy (or both in tandem) – perhaps existing upon different dimensional layers, in part, or in whole the sum of everything!

A kundalini does not give you these answers. It makes you know you are connected to something more. It allows you the ability to truly see (feel) your more connected divine self, and to forgive yourself and everyone instantly. It brings absolute bliss in layer upon layer of ecstasy!

I've never tried to explain it, but here goes...

While towel drying myself off, a ray of gold light hit me from the top of my head and went through me to the bottom of the bathroom tile floor, and ignited in my body! It seemed to grow instantly from the width of an atom to that of a globe, encompassing my reality totally.

I no longer had a body! I was consciousness without form! I was connected and totally aware! The only images I saw were the images associated with my life, almost as if in review, but not everything. Only important things related to events I could forgive. At this point, I knew humanity was very unaware (like spiders), including myself. I could forgive every horrible event in my life (person and situation) instantly and rejoice – be free and understand. These are the images that flashed before me. I saw them all at once (no time line necessary, no sequencing needed to the events)! At this point there is total recognition of yourself! You are at one and in a heightening state of bliss! You love beyond scope! You cry and rejoice at the miracle in it all. You're heart explodes with love for God (Creation) at increasingly higher levels.

The energy I was surrounded by felt like being at the center of a universe made of energy. How does one describe that? Vision, Touch, Taste, are not relevant!

Now imagine this, everything I wrote about takes place after the kundalini, which begins by taking you to an energy world of complete and total unity (beyond even that of emotion). How long I was there I do not know! Then everything else started to come to my awareness.}

For the next 6 months I would experience things that very few people have described (or have experienced to this day).}

by Douglas Newsom


August 28th, 2005 {Edited 1-24-2011}

INSIGHT: The more questions you ask yourself, the more you will know yourself!

Spend a quiet moment to consider, if you knew there was no past, only now, and knew we reflected in the moment using the past as a point of reference, in essence creating a past in the present for our own reflection, what could that ultimately mean?

Contemplating these sorts of things helps unravel the veil of forgetfulness! It’s a mater of knowing! Knowing you are more than this earthly riddle! So go beyond and go deeper!

{Deep was quickly becoming my middle name... Fully a week after my kundalini, and my mind was working overtime. I was asking myself literally hundreds, if not thousands of questions a day. My mind was contemplating everything, almost is if for the first time, with more clarity and depth. Science, Math, Language, Religion, all seemed to have a calling for me, an interest. I could see the patterns more quickly. At times I felt like, if I sat on a book, I'd absorb the material in my buttocks. That's how high I felt. My head was buzzing. My energy was off the charts. It lifted me up, off the ground and kept me in a perpetual sense of vibration, newness, glee with heightened brain activity. Almost as if my consciousness was floating above my head. And it was! Like I was 7 feet tall!

I was becoming an acute observer of myself, my thoughts, and my energy. Everything is a form of energy after all. At this point I quickly became a hermit. No one would believe me! It was simply all too fantastical.

This state of extremely heightened energy and awareness lasted for about 6 months. A period I will never forget! And I have lots to tell...}

by Douglas Newsom

Peter lamas Affiliate Website

August 27th, 2005 {Edited 1-23-2011}

INSIGHT: You Are An Energy Magnet, emitting vibrations to repel and attract other energies at all times!

Many people today are communicating with higher beings, seeing energy in its true form, hearing voices that resonate on a higher frequency, and/or witnessing great spectacles from higher vibrations, either through dream states, meditative states or during their conscious daily lives.

Why them? You may ask! How can I be ‘blessed’ in this way?

Higher consciousness and a connection to everything already exist within you! Meditate and ask for this form of awareness! It will come! Everything is you! Everything needs you! Nothing can exist without you! Be still! Don’t think! Be love! Don’t worry! And be Aware!

A flower is only seen when you become AWARE OF IT!

{Everything vibrates. Even thoughts. Molecules of similar vibration like to group. We vibrate. Our vibrations are repelling and attracting at all time. Just like a molecule. And we group! Awareness of this makes you think, about the energy implications of each thought and action.

The day I fell in love with my girl Nikki, she was in my truck, on my seat, barely 6 months old, and attempting to get out of my driver side window. I was parked and slowly opening my door when she burst toward the window. The door was about one foot ajar. In my attempt to stop her from jumping out, I caused her to fall down, on top her head, on concrete. She went lifeless! Stiff as a board. You could balance her on two fingers. Her eyes were rolled back in her head, and her body was arched, with her front legs sprawling back and out, and her rear legs arched in the opposite direction. Like a comatose dead animal!

I panicked, total and absolute panic! I was overwhelmed! Nothing else was important but her well-being. I was an hour from home, with no money, no map, during late evening hours, on a Sunday night, without a cellular, with a baby animal I may have caused great harm to or possible death, so I did the only thing I could do, I put her next to me, put my foot on the gas, and tore down the street at insane speeds, trying to find a person to guide me to help.

That much initial emotion can create a powerful bond! It surprised me just how much, because I had no intention of having a dog in my life. Period! I had dogs. I did that! Many times over! It was my time now!

(Time that turned into her time).}

by Douglas Newsom


August 18th, 2005 {Edited 1-22-2011}

Insight! Psychic ability stems from awareness; open awareness beyond the senses! Perceive oneness! Then you’ll have total access!

You are always aware! You view things from your awareness. In order to link into a greater part of yourself, which is a part of everything, which is everything, and be able to identify things beyond the visual, i.e., to remote view, psychic ability or telepathy, you must bring knowledge or visual constructs to your consciousness, in affect, making the there, here! Since you are everything, nothing is over there! You just believe things exist outside yourself, and this belief system limits you!

To become more aware, simply tell yourself, I am aware! You are in essence, how you perceive yourself to be!

{Two months after my kundalini, I began writing the paragraphs above! I basically wrote something new each day! I had a lot of energy. And I felt compelled to write down my thoughts. Each one is now entitled by an INSIGHT and attached with {} my narrative about the inside-story; things I never had the courage to write down. Things I didn't have the inclination to write about until now. The adjuncts, following past insights, are in brackets {}.

Something else is relevant, my min pin Nikki! My sweetie plum, an inconvenient truth, to to be sure, was a new addition to my life. I was introduced to her a year before my kundalini. A handful, loud, high strung and quite obnoxious. She was a result of a deal struck after a failed relationship. I took the Dog! But trust me, a few days prior, I would not have gave a rat's tit. I certainly didn't want any children, and I definitely didn't want a pet that would require almost as much time as a child. Why? My life was crap! Why bring someone else into the picture!? I didn't have the time nor the energy! Besides, I needed to work harder, to change the picture! Real work!

But something happened days days prior to asking for the dog, that changed my relationship with sweetie plum, forever...}

by Douglas Newsom


August 17th, 2005 {Edited 1-22-2011}

Insight! In the NOW, there is no past or future! Letting go of the past is simply a choice, to perceive things now in a new way!

Getting rid of a bad habit is simply a matter of shedding (not acknowledging) that part of you that does not exist in this moment! In the NOW, there is no past or future! Understanding this, and your innate power to be anything you choose in the moment, makes any personal change you desire simply a matter of changing how you perceive yourself HERE and NOW!

{The day before my kundalini, I had a conversation over the phone with a lady named Eva Herr. Eva currently hosts a talk show on BBS Radio called, The Infinite Consciousness! We spoke for over an hour. Without a doubt, this conversation was unlike any I'd had before. She spoke of energy and consciousness, and I was literally overwhelmed with information. It was so much, I had to speak up and tell her the information was more than I could process at one time. I simply couldn't process anymore! Rare for me! In fact, this never happens to me! I was mentally overwhelmed!

I internally knew everything she spoke about was important. It was also contrary to what I knew and what I was being taught, but it all felt overwhelmingly right. My head was buzzing, to say the least.

The next day I was towel drying myself after a hot shower, hardly aware I was about to experience something impossible to describe, though utterly life changing (perhaps even on a cellular level). The events to follow would leave me forever changed. I was about to experience information in a new way, communicate with energy beings, and get a glimpse into human potential. Much of what I write, you may find hard to believe, but it's all true! Perhaps by writing it down and sharing the experience, others will gain insight. I have never written the story of these events during and after my kundalini.}

by Douglas Newsom

Peter lamas Affiliate Website

August 15th, 2005 {Edited 1-21-2011}

INSIGHT: Right Actions applied to the Self can benefit others automatically!

One action directed toward another soul that has beautiful intent, like a smile, a note of thanks, a warm hello, or even a moment of earnest interest for another beings situation, can make your soul that much lighter (brighter).

But can our daily actions that usually just benefit the self, be applied to help others? Yes! The times we’re opening a door, for example! Our action would have more than one benefit; our access to the open door, and others!

If an action can help the self, but that same similar, if not identical action (which you do for yourself every day) can help another person, include another person!

{For almost two years prior to my kundalini, I would meditate with my eyes open. I would stare out at the energy. Energy seemed to appear in cloud like wisps to start, sort of like a rainbow of energy in white, but far less visible than the real thing. The energy moved and flowed in front of me, sometimes appearing as a shape without any real from, like a ghost without any color variation from head to toe (no eyes, or ears, etc.).

My imagination was strong. The atoms in front of me seemed to grow brilliantly, and the longer I meditated the stronger it appeared! I could imagine this energy coming down from the ceiling into the top of my head (or forehead). I could imagine this energy working on my body (my mind). Often I would stare at the energy, for long periods of time, sharing and participating in a (imagined or not) connection.

My goal was always to love, and forgive, and gain higher levels of awareness (if it was for the good of my being).

In meditation I can not ever remember being a judge! I was there to open up to a connection with something more divine, to let go of my own thoughts to experience.}

by Douglas Newsom


August 14th, 2005 {Edited 1-20-2011}

INSIGHT: Reality takes its root from the imagination! SO DOES POWERFUL MEDITATION!

Imagine yourself as being all. Then you can reach out to, as well as receive, the higher order messages of your being. When you do not open up your mind to your unlimited potential your vibration/frequency remains on a lower level. A closed mind is a choice, and when chosen, it is your will to experience only an aspect of who you are. Limitations are in part, due to a lack of imagination. Boldly go forth without doubt, guilt and insecurities, and reality will bend to your will.

{In my meditations, a year before my Kundalini, I would meditate on a feeling of being completely at one with everything, as if I were energy reaching out across a cosmic see of pure energy, but residing totally within the energy, surrounded by and a part of the energy (like dark liquid would be if a dropped into a bucket of water, it would be diluting itself into everything).

From a very young age, I ascribed God to being everything! At odds with my Mother who was more of a Catholic and my Father who was an Atheist (Agnostic). I had a Panthistic point of view! Given this understanding, it was easy for me to desire a connection with everything, and feel a value in connecting with everything. The feeling I initiated was radiant inner energy surrounded by thoughts of love and union, and I could imagine that feeling ever growing, becoming more at one, and I, more at peace, and more in love with the feeling, until I reached a highly blissful state. All my nerve endings would be vibrating at an ever increasing rate (enjoying the feeling), until it changed. Then my internal senses went into a different gear and vibration became irrelevant. Feeling was irrelevant! I was more aware in a timeless sense. Connected!

To reach this point usually took me 45 minutes or longer (in the beginning). Once I reached this higher point, I had increased awareness of every thought, color, image, vibration, sound, etc. in my head. I could enjoy and marvel, sense and discern, imagine and participate with internal images, feelings and energies on many levels. At this stage, I could start asking myself real questions, because I was more tuned into my internal barometer, my internal sense of right and wrong.

I started my meditations by using light as an energy source (to get my molecules turned up and turned on). This was an imagined light which eventually grew in my awareness! The most powerful senses for me were gained by first imaging light with my eyes open, in a dark room. I would imagine the light directed toward a point on my head or body, and/or surrounding me, helping me to become more radiant (delivering untold payloads of whatever I desired – knowledge, love, etc.). Usually before bedtime – sitting up, back straight, or lying down!

The imagined light became more visible, more seemingly real, more brilliant and more powerful over time.

The more we imagine something, a light, an image, a feeling, the more it will take shape in our minds. Sometimes this process takes months. This is how you expand your internal senses, by using them. In the future, light would beam at me when I didn't expect it, during daylight hours, and night, beaming into me and surrounding me, as if on it's own accord - the light – the energy from the light. I cried every time this happened! With great glee! It felt like being hit with a thousand volts of loving energy from a loving source (you exploded with emotion and vibration).

To give you a better understanding of what I mean, how many people can imagine a laser beam with their eyes closed? (How real is that laser beam to reality?). Now imagine a laser beam coming at your head with your eyes open and the lights out! (How real is that? How real does it feel?)

Light is energy, so for me, imagining light focused on my head brought with it a tingling sense of energy vibration which I could expand upon and use (grow and shape).

Interestingly, I almost always mediate with my EYES OPEN in a dark room!}

by Douglas Newsom


August 13th, 2005 {Edited 1-19-2011}

INSIGHT! The Disappearance of time in the spiritual equation!

What you do in the moment affects not only your present, but your future and your past! For example, if you learn a lesson of love, the lesson has an affect on you that transcends time, and becomes a part of you, as you are now, as you are at all times! In this way, what you think and do in the moment changes your reality, past, present and future! This is a blessing, because moments of positive action and thought, can in essence, collapse time, and karmic lessons you may have once experienced in the future (and the past) no longer (need) apply! You collapse time!

{The Book, The Disappearance of the Universe by Gary Renard, brought this information to my attention. It made me think of Forgiveness and Time in a whole new way! This is one of the 5 most important books on my book list. I was reading this book about two months prior to my Kundalini. It had a way of answering questions I had during the day. This caused me to cry and rejoice almost regularly because the information was so profound and yet so synchronically attached to my thoughts and what I needed to learn (to hear, to become aware of in that time) – so I could have many AHA moments – when I needed them the most}

by Douglas Newsom

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August 12th 2005 {Edited 1-18-2011}

INSIGHTS - Excitement is the best motivator - and resonates at a higher frequency! (atoms all move faster when excited)

Live each day with the understanding that your options are limitless, but the best choice when deciding on what to do today, at any given moment, is to follow your level of highest excitement! This will lead you to the greatest understanding of yourself and help you awaken to your true nature.

{Bashar brought this information to my attention shortly after my spontaneous Kundalini! I knew it was correct instantly. I also knew the passages Christ spoke in the Bible were correct instantly (but the interpretations of his messages were often not. Most people could not grasp the true depth of Christ's messages. As if the messages existed on a higher level of awareness – and could not be accessed or understood, fully by most people – they were simply too profound}

For each of us, what excites us is different, if only slightly, and only you know what’s right for you.

Don’t let fear or doubt, or anything deter you from choosing that option that makes you the most excited! Your personal vibration will affect everything around you, because everything around you wants you to be you! When you’re excited, you will attract things that want to harmonize with you.

So don’t put off that call, or wait for the something to occur, if what makes you excited is something you can do something about in this very moment.

by Douglas Newsom

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